upc internet pl Lesson 1: Administering a SQL Server Service in .NET

Development UPC-A in .NET Lesson 1: Administering a SQL Server Service

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Unlike Web servers, many other services communicate over more than one channel. Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) traffic, for example, uses TCP port 1723 to create and maintain a VPN connection and IP protocol 47 to send data over that con nection. To support remote users connecting through PPTP to an internal VPN server, then, you must create one set of packet filters for TCP port 1723 and another set for protocol number 47. Each set of packet filters follows the input and output pattern shown in either Figure 9-39 or Figure 9-40.
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Stub Zone Updates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5-70
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Quick Check
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In this practice, you configure the AdventureWorks database to use the full recovery model. You then take a full database backup. After you take the full database backup, you perform a differential backup of the database. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. If necessary, open SSMS and connect to the local instance. Expand the Databases folder. Right-click the AdventureWorks database and choose Properties. This opens the Database Properties dialog box. In the Select A Page pane, select the Options page. Ensure that the recovery model is set to Full and then click OK. Right-click the AdventureWorks database, choose Tasks, and then choose Back Up. This opens the Back Up Database dialog box, as shown in Figure 4-5.
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Lesson 3
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Typically, you do not need to specify an encoding type when reading a file. The .NET Framework automatically decodes most common encoding types. However, you can specify an encoding type using an overloaded Stream constructor, as the following sample shows:
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Implementing ISA Server Caching
To f ind out more about ADAM, consult the following link: http://www.microsoft.com/ windowsserver2003/adam/default.mspx.
An install image is an operating system image that you deploy to the client computer. Typically, this is a WIM file. A boot image is a Windows PE image into which you boot a client before you install the WIM image file. To install Windows 7, you first boot the computer into the boot image, and then you select the install image to install. Unless you are using a reference computer and adding applications to the image, you should use the standard boot image that is included on the Windows 7 installation media (Install.wim). Capture and discover images are types of boot images. A capture image is a type of boot image into which you boot a client computer to capture the operating system as a WIM install image file. You create a capture image before you create a custom install image. A capture image contains Windows PE and the Windows Deployment Services Image Capture Wizard. When you boot a computer (after preparing it with Sysprep) into a capture image, the wizard creates an install image of the computer and saves it as a WIM file. Then you can upload the image to the WDS server or copy it to bootable media (for example, DVD-ROM). A discover image is a type of boot image that you can use to install Windows 7 (or another Windows operating system) on a computer that is not PXE-enabled. When you boot a computer into a discover image, the WDS client locates a valid WDS server, and then you can choose the install image you want to install. A discover image enables a computer to locate a WDS server and use it to install an image. Note MORE INFO: CREATING IMAGES For more information about creating images, see http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc730907.aspx This is a Windows Server 2008 link because WDS is a server role and cannot be installed on a client computer. Using the Deployment Image Servicing and Management Tool Windows 7 introduces the DISM command-line tool. 3 discusses this tool in some detail, so it is introduced only briefly here. You can use DISM to service a Windows image or to prepare a Windows PE image. DISM replaces Package Manager (Pkgmgr.exe), PEimg, and Intlcfg in Windows Vista, and includes new features to improve the experience for offline servicing. You can use DISM to perform the following actions:
' VB Console.WriteLine(File.ReadAllText("C:\boot.ini")) // C# Console.WriteLine(File.ReadAllText(@"C:\boot.ini"));
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When it comes to delivering multimedia, deciding which of the available formats to use is only part of the problem. Other potential issues include network capacity, client capabilities, and licensing.
The structure of Windows XP's registry is so similar to the structure of its file system that I can't help but make the analogy. Figure 1 4 compares Registry Editor, the tool you use to edit the registry, and Windows Explorer. (You learn how to use Registry Editor in 2, "Using the Registry 20
Internet. Which ISA Server administrative task was not completed correctly during the ISA Server deployment What do you need to do to make the site available
Indicates that a process will not begin until a message has been sent by one entity to another. In the world of WCF, the entity is a service, and services communicate by sending messages to each other. They can send messages to client applications as well.
DHCP: NetBIOS Node Type = (Length: 1) 04
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