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The XQUERY language does not provide data-manipulation keywords. But Microsoft has extended the XQUERY capabilities in SQL Server 2005 by including a set of instructions that you can use to add, update, or delete XML data (XML DML). The modify() method of the XML data type receives a single input parameter that must be a valid XML DML expression and executes it over the XML fragment that it contains. The XML DML language provided by SQL Server 2005 supports the following keywords:
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Testers write test cases. However, developers should use these test cases to help them write better unit tests. For this reason, developers should review, and provide their input for, the test cases. They should also consume them and use them to increase the quality of their code.
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Lesson 5: Using the SSIS Import/Export Wizard
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Table 2-1
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If the workstation is already configured with an internal private IP address and subnet mask, you can most likely leave these fields as they are. However, you must change or add the IP address of the NAT server in the default gateway parameter. All NAT client workstations must have the IP address of the NAT server as their default gateway IP address. The NAT server will translate the private IP address of the client s workstation to the company s public IP address, create a unique port number, and forward the packet over the Internet.
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Backing up the transaction log of the primary database. Copying the transaction log backup to each secondary server. Restoring the transaction log backup on the secondary database.
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Move-ClusteredMailboxServer This cmdlet is used to gracefully transfer a Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 clustered mailbox server to an available passive node. This cmdlet is used to initiate a planned outage and is not used in the event that the active node fails. When an active node fails, automatic failover occurs. The Move-ClusteredMailboxServer cmdlet is covered in more detail below.
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The Binder Class
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Views are simply a named SELECT statement stored in SQL Server. You can use a view just like a table without having to be concerned about the complexity of the underlying SELECT statement. Because views depend on underlying base tables to access the data, you must pay attention to the chain of permissions that are required to return data. To safely use views to insert, update, and delete data in a single base table, use the WITH CHECK OPTION clause on the CREATE VIEW command to constrain the changes to only the set of rows that match the view s WHERE clause. You can improve performance by creating a clustered index on a view. Indexed views cause the returned data, including aggregations and calculations, to be materialized on disk instead of computed at execution time. SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition can use an indexed view, even if it is not directly referenced in a SELECT statement.
A unique constraint prohibits a column or combination of columns from allowing duplicate values. You might use a unique constraint to enforce a business rule stating that each customer name must be unique.
2. What action should Erin take to ensure that all printing on the printer stops while she figures out what to do, but that no documents need to be reprinted
Customizing Folder Options
Microsoft_Association_Rules\ Enabled Microsoft_Clustering\ Enabled Microsoft_Decision_Trees\ Enabled Microsoft_Na ve_Bayes\ Enabled Microsoft_Neural_Network\ Enabled Microsoft_Sequence_Clustering\ Enabled Microsoft_Time_Series\ Enabled Microsoft_Linear_Regression\ Enabled Microsoft_Logistic_Regression\ Enabled
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