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4 GB Hard drive
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Entering Information by Using the Tablet PC Pen
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Suggested Practices
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3. List several reasons why having multiple DNS servers on your network is recommended.
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Enable Round Robin
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Lesson 1: Designing an Update Management Strategy Lesson 2: Deploying Updates to Clients
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Administering the Web Environment
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Monitoring and Troubleshooting DNS
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SCCM 2007 is a full-featured network management package that is designed to perform a wide variety of tasks. Operating system deployment is one of the product s major capabilities, but for most network managers, it is not worth the time, effort, and expense required to install SCCM just for that purpose.
For more information and step-by step instructions on how to enable protocol logging from Exchange Management Console, search Exchange Server 2007 Help for How to Conf igure Protocol Logging or access
Before you can implement a DNS namespace properly, the Active Directory structure must be available. Because you have already finished designing your Active Directory structure, you are now ready to support it with the proper DNS structure. Active Directory domains are named with DNS names. The names you choose to use for your Active Directory domains should start with the DNS domain suffix your orga nization reserved for use on the Internet, such as This can be combined with geographical locations or divisional names in your organization form created earlier. Your map should have already identified the following:
None Specifies no trimming. Word
C. Configure the first SUS server to host a list of approved updates and to download
Performance Monitoring
In this practice, you will use Group Policy to delegate the membership of the Administrators group. You will first create a GPO with a restricted groups policy setting that ensures that the Help Desk group is a member of the Administrators group on all client systems. You will then create a GPO that adds the NYC Support group to Administrators on clients in the NYC OU. Finally, you will confirm that in the NYC OU, both the Help Desk and NYC Support groups are administrators. To perform this practice, you will need the following objects in the domain:
Lesson 2: Configuring Code Access Security
When you want to listen to music but are not planning on taking your mobile PC, you can copy music from Windows Media Player 10 to a portable device such as a digital audio player, a PDA, or a cell phone. These types of portable devices usually have a limited amount of storage space available to copy music files to, so you can usually only copy part of your Music Library. In this exercise, you will copy a music album to a portable device.
Figure 4-16 This breakpoint will demonstrate that debugging works properly.
Dim starter As ThreadStart = New ThreadStart(AddressOf Counting) Dim first As Thread = New Thread(starter) Dim second As Thread = New Thread(starter) first.Start() second.Start() first.Join() second.Join() Console.Read() End Sub Shared Sub Counting() Dim i As Integer For i = 1 To 10 Step i + 1 Console.WriteLine("Count: {0} - Thread: {1}", _ i, Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId) Thread.Sleep(10) Next End Sub End Class // C# using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text; using System.Threading; class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { ThreadStart starter = new ThreadStart(Counting); Thread first = new Thread(starter); Thread second = new Thread(starter); first.Start(); second.Start(); first.Join(); second.Join(); Console.Read(); } static void Counting() { for (int i = 1; i <= 10; i++) {
Correct Answers: C
Managing and Implementing Disaster Recovery (5.0)
The practice tests on this book s companion CD offer many options. For example, you can test yourself on just one exam objective, or you can test yourself on all the 70-444 certification exam content. You can set up the test so that it closely simulates the experience of taking a certification exam, or you can set it up in study mode so that you can look at the correct answers and explanations after you answer each question.
Configure each user s account to employ a roaming user profile using the Active Directory Users And Computers snap-in. Make user profiles mandatory by appending .man to the root folder of each of the user profiles on the network. Use Group Policy to redirect the My Documents to a distributed file system (DFS) share located on several file servers that are secured and backed up according to your organization s policies. Implement Offline Folders so that users can work with their documents even when not connected to the network.
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