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Define a Common User Interface Layout
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In this lab, you will continue to build on the Visual Studio solution created in 1. The lab focuses on customizing standard bindings by changing values in the service configuration file. Exercise Customize the basicHttpBinding In this exercise, you will alter the configuration file for the service from 1. After modifying buffer properties in the configuration file, you examine the results by executing the service and its client. 1. Navigate to the <InstallHome>/ 2/Lesson 2/Exercise 1/<language>/Before directory and double-click the Exercise1.sln file to open the solution in Visual Studio. The solution consists of three projects: The ServiceConsoleHost project, a simple Console application that hosts your first service. This is the project you will be editing in this exercise. The TaskClient project, a Windows Forms application that enables you to consume your service. The Tasks.Service project, which contains the service code hosted by the ServiceConsoleHost project. 2. Open the app.config file in the TaskClient project by double-clicking the file in Solution Explorer. Edit this file so that the maxBufferSize and maxReceivedMessageSize properties are set to a value of 6. This represents the allowable number of bytes, which will not be large enough for messages sent from the service. 3. Save the app.config file, which should now look similar to the following (the changes are shown in bold):
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When generating an event about a client request, always record as much information as possible about the client. However, it s important to understand that you cannot trust information provided by the client. For example, an attacker could create a tool to submit requests to a Web application, and have that tool incorrectly identify itself as Microsoft Internet Explorer. Similarly, it is theoretically possible for an attacker to spoof another s IP address, or to send requests through another computer, effectively hiding the original IP address. Although this client information cannot be trusted, always record it, because it might be useful in understanding and tracking down the attacker. The event log will automatically record the date and time of day the event occurred. The term monitoring is used to indicate continuous analysis of an application s status to enable real-time administrator notification and response. Auditing is very similar to monitoring, except that auditing requires events to be archived over a long period of time. Monitoring can notify administrators that an attack is currently taking place. If administrators discover that an attack took place several weeks or months in the past, they might perform auditing to identify how the attack took place and what damage was done. From an application developer s perspective, you can provide for both mon itoring and auditing by writing important events to the event log, because administra tors will be able to archive those logs.
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Lesson 1: Authenticating and Authorizing Users
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Yes. You can use a tape or file as the target medium for the backup, and a file can be located on any disk-based media, including a hard disk, a shared network folder, or a removable disk, such as an Iomega Zip drive.
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The Header element can contain multiple header blocks, but each header block must have its own unique namespace. The following is an example of what a single SOAP header block might look like for a Web method named GetPurchaseTotal.
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a. Select a task sequence to execute on this computer. B. Join the computer to a domain or workgroup. c. Specify credentials for connecting to network shares. D. Operating system deployment completed successfully.
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c. Write d. Read & Execute e. List Folder Contents
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Business Use Case Evaluation
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The complexity involved in configuring a large number of available security settings could make security administration impossibly complex. Fortunately, you do not have to start from scratch. Security templates are available that allow you to set up various standard levels of security. You can also analyze a custom security setting by compar ing it against standard templates. Security is always a balance. There is no point in setting up policies on your servers so strict that many of your users, particularly those with legacy client operating systems, cannot access the resources or run the software that they require to do their jobs. However, if security settings do become too restric tive, tools such as Resultant Set Of Policy allow you to quickly identify the source of the problem. The 70-291 examination does not require you to know how to design security systems. You do, however, need to know how to audit systems using security templates, and how to implement predefined security settings for software and security updates. You need to be able to check that security configurations are working correctly, and to troubleshoot them if they are not. You also need to be able to access and analyze secu rity statistics. Finally, you need to be aware that security must present a moving target. What is secure today might not be secure tomorrow, and breached security is usually worse than no security at all.
Creating a service that supports reentrancy is necessary only under rare and specific situations, which is a good thing because the logic associated with working out the details can be quite convoluted. With respect to locking the service object, setting the concurrency mode to Reentrant acts the same as setting it to Single. Before the request is processed, a lock on the service object is grabbed. The lock is maintained for as long as the service object is processing the request. The difference between Reentrant and Single mode has to do with what can happen while processing the requests. It is possible that, as part of the process, the service object makes a call to a service outside of itself. It could be a callback request sent to the WCF client. It could be a call to an external service, whether using WCF or not. However, regardless of the destination, the request being processed must wait for a response. So what happens to any other request to the service object The answer is that other requests wait for the request currently being processed to complete, which in turn must wait for the call to the external service to complete. Figure 12-1 illustrates the problem.
Troubleshooting DHCP
Introducing Windows 7 for Developers Finally, the MouseLeftButtonUp event fires after you finish the stroke by releasing the mouse button (or by lifting the pen from the screen). At this point, you want to clear the stroke and release the mouse capture. When the newStroke variable has been set to null, the mouse (or pen) movement across the screen no longer collects points to add to the stroke, and the stroke output will therefore not be drawn. Here s the code:
case GID_ZOOM: switch(gi.dwFlags) { case GF_BEGIN: _dwArguments = LODWORD(gi.ullArguments); _ptFirst.x = gi.ptsLocation.x; _ptFirst.y = gi.ptsLocation.y; ScreenToClient(hWnd,&_ptFirst); break; default: // We read here the second point of the gesture. This is the middle point between fingers. _ptSecond.x = gi.ptsLocation.x; _ptSecond.y = gi.ptsLocation.y; ScreenToClient(hWnd,&_ptSecond); // We have to calculate the zoom center point ptZoomCenter.x = (_ptFirst.x + _ptSecond.x)/2;
[IncludeRegistryTrees] # List registry trees to include. # All values and subkeys within the specified tree are included. # Syntax is one key per line. # Wildcards are not supported. HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\10.0\Access HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\10.0\Common
Monitoring server hardware is generally done by using the Device Manager MMC. There are also other areas of the system, such as specific Control Panel add-ins or sep arate utilities such as WINMSD, which can be used to monitor and report on hardware attached to the server. Device Manager, found in the Computer Management console or as its own MMC in the Administrative Tools program group is the first port of call for hardware manage ment. It will display the operating status of all hardware connected to the system. NonPlug and Play devices can be viewed by selecting the Show Hidden Devices option from the view menu. The WINMSD utility, launched from the command line or Run menu, also provides an overview of the hardware that is installed on a particular Windows Server 2003 system. Some devices, such as modems and display adapters, are best managed through their individual Control Panel application rather than with the Device Manager.
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