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Database Backups
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state (or application state)
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Case Scenario 2: Monitoring a File
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Assert Instructs the runtime to ignore the fact that callers might not have the
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Wireless keyboards are also available, although (like wireless mouse devices) they typically communicate with a receiver that connects to the computer using a USB port. Click Keyboard in the Printers And Other Hardware window of Control Panel to configure or troubleshoot a keyboard. In the Speed tab, you can configure the character repeat delay and the character repeat rate. You can also control the cursor blink rate. The Hardware tab shows you the device properties for the installed keyboard and allows you to access the troubleshooter if you are having problems with your keyboard. You can also install a device driver, roll back to a previous device driver, or uninstall a device driver.
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Remote Assistance cannot function if the computer requesting the Remote Assistance has no way of establishing connectivity between helper and host computers. If it is not possible to connect, check that both the host and the helper have network connectivity. Several procedures to check network connectivity were covered in 7, Configuring Network Connectivity. When a Windows Vista computer connects to another Windows Vista computer using Remote Assistance, it uses a range of ports. The range includes both the TCP and UDP protocols and ports between 49152 and 65535. When a Windows XP computer is used as a helper to a Windows Vista host, port 3389 TCP is used. If a connection cannot be made, but network connectivity exists, check whether appropriate exceptions have been configured in Windows Firewall or Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. Another firewall in between the two computers might be blocking connectivity. Exam Tip
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You get a call from a customer who complains that he likes using large buttons on the Internet Explorer toolbar, but the toolbar is not big enough to show all the buttons. He says that there are several buttons that he does not use and wants to know whether he can remove them. What do you tell him A. Use the General tab of the Internet Options dialog box to remove buttons from the toolbar. B. Right-click any toolbar, and choose Customize. Use the Customize Toolbar dialog box to remove buttons from the current toolbar. C. Hold down the ALT key while dragging the button away from the toolbar. D. Run the Local Security Policy tool, and use it to remove the buttons.
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Auditing Directory Changes
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When Simple Isn t Sufficient
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Lesson 2: Designing a WINS Infrastructure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7-15
Lesson Summary
4. Confirm that Don Hall s mailbox is in the database Mailbox Database in the storage group First Storage Group, as shown in Figure 12-31.
4 Review
Customer PK FK1 CustomerID SalesPersonID CompanyName Contact Phone Fax Email
Invoking Members
Start menu items
Active If the message is in a delivery queue, it is being delivered to its destination. If the message is in the submission queue, it is being processed by the categorizer. Suspended The message was suspended by the administrator. PendingRemove The message was deleted by the administrator but was already in delivery. The message will be deleted if the delivery ends in an error that causes the message to reenter the queue. Otherwise, delivery will continue. PendingSuspend The message was suspended by the administrator but was already in delivery. The message will be suspended if a delivery error causes it to reenter the queue. Otherwise, delivery will continue. Ready The message is waiting in the queue and is ready to be processed. Retry The last connection attempt for the queue in which this message is located failed. The message is waiting for the next queue retry. The subject of the message.
If you implement a TRY. . .CATCH block, any errors, including system errors, are not returned to the calling application. The only way to return an error message to a calling application is to execute a RAISERROR statement. However, you can only specify a user-defined error message or dynamically construct an error message using RAISERROR. Therefore, you have a slight problem if you want to return a system-generated error to a calling application. If you want to return a system error message, you should dynamically build a message that includes the system error message information, which is returned with a RAISERROR statement that does not supply a message ID. That way, any system-generated messages are always returned with an error number of 50000.
After building the infrastructure of a Service Broker application, you need a way to place messages onto a queue and take messages off the queue for processing. In this lesson, you will first see how to use the SEND command to place messages on a queue for processing. And then you will see how to use the RECEIVE command to remove one or more messages from the queue as a result set that is then passed to the calling application for further processing.
Case Scenarios
SELECT * FROM Test.TestTran; /* Returns Col = 2 which has not yet been committed, another dirty read. */
Lesson Summary
Designing an Organizational Unit Structure
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