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Compose UPC-A in .NET 5: Validating Data Integrity

The initial solution was to create a multitude of forest trusts between each of the existing Active Directory forests. Then, to provide support for the members of the system that did not have their own directory service, a completely new directory would be created that would be located within a perimeter network hosted by a hosting firm as an outsourced service to the health care provider for a per-user fee to maintain the directory service. The customer had several concerns about the potential solution. The first was long-term costs. When all the members of the system were tallied, they added up to over 500,000 users, more than half of them without a directory service. Maintaining an external directory for these users would become very expensive very quickly. Second, the client did not want to perforate firewalls by supporting all the ports required for forest trusts. However, the cost of a private network was prohibitive. Third, although the client wanted each of the system members to interact through a single IDA, it did not want to be responsible for all the accounts linked to the new solution. We recommended that, although Windows Server 2008 was not available yet, Windows Server 2003 R2 was, and with it came the initial release of Microsoft Federation Services. In addition, Microsoft had released Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) a couple of years earlier. This case seemed like a perfect candidate for the integration of the three technologies. We suggested the following:
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Case Scenario 1: Upgrading an Old Application
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Open the Reporting Services Configuration Manager tool from the Start menu by selecting All Programs, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Configuration Tools, and then Reporting Services Configuration Manager. In the Reporting Services Configuration Manager Connection window, connect to your local instance of Reporting Services, MSSQLSERVER, on your local computer. In the property page list on the left, select the Database property page. Click Change Database to start the Report Server Database Configuration Wizard.
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FiGURe 9-21 The sample after the newly added row is deleted
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' VB Button1.ImageList = ImageList1
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1. Which of the following are tasks you would encourage an average home-based end user to do on his or her own to maintain and support his or her own com puter (Choose all that apply.) A. Use Disk Defragmenter monthly. B. Access TechNet when in need of technical support, and follow the directions to solve problems on his or her own. C. Use Disk Cleanup weekly. D. Access the Help and Support Center for how-to articles and to perform spe cific tasks. E. Use Scheduled Tasks to schedule Disk Cleanup to run regularly. F. Enable System Restore, and keep it enabled.
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Lesson Summary
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which you need to deploy packages from one server to another and the properties of those packages, such as their connections, need to be updated.
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Displaying Locking Information
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Creating HTTP Endpoints
Examine the properties of tickets in the cache. Note that both service tickets and TGT tickets are renewable. If a service ticket expires, a new one can be obtained transpar ently if a valid TGT is in the cache. If, however, there is no valid TGT, a new one must be obtained and the user will need to log on again. To determine the time frames, select the Times tab and check the Kerberos policy for the domain. This same process occurs on computers running Windows 2000 and Windows XP Professional that are joined in a domain. You can use another Resource Kit utility, Klist.exe, to obtain a list of tickets in the cache. You can run Klist from the command line and thus can incorporate it in a script. You can place the records in a text file (use the command Klist.exe > Textfile.txt). Klist.exe does not show as much information as Kerbtray.exe, but it does have a unique advantage. You can use the Klist.exe Purge command to purge tickets, and you will be able to selectively retain or purge tickets one at a time.
For a complete list of data types and functions that are used to work with date fields, see Date and Time Data Types and Functions (Transact-SQL), in SQL Server Books Online.
Audit entries The individual entries added to the Windows security log when an audited event occurs. You can view entries in the security log using Event Viewer.
Review the chapter summary. Review the list of key terms introduced in this chapter. Complete the case scenario. This scenario sets up a real-world situation involving the topics of this chapter and asks you to create a solution. Complete the suggested practices. Take a practice test.
Log-Type Date
Lesson 2
Most handheld devices support either Infrared Data Association (IrDA) standards or connect to the computer through a serial or USB port. For handheld devices that use a port, some connect directly to the port, and some connect to a cradle, which in turn is connected to the port. You will need to install software so that Windows XP can communicate correctly with the handheld device. For example, Palm-based personal digital assistants (PDAs) require you to install the Palm desktop software to allow the PDA to transfer data to and from a Windows-based PC. Handheld devices running Windows Mobile software, such as the Pocket PC, require that you install a program named ActiveSync on the computer.
Practice 1: Set the text size for viewing Web pages in Internet Explorer to its largest settings. Configure Internet Explorer so that your settings override any settings configured for the websites you visit. Practice 2: Add the Full Screen and Related buttons to your Internet Explorer toolbar. Practice 3: Configure Internet Explorer so that temporary Internet files are allowed to use only up to 100 MB. Practice 4: After installing Service Pack 2, use the Manage Add-ons tool to enable, disable, and update add-ons.
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