upc internet akadozik Lesson 2: Resolving Performance Problems in .NET

Maker UPCA in .NET Lesson 2: Resolving Performance Problems

Table 12-7 Members of the HelpNavigator Enumeration
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Practice: Resolve Common Outlook User Requests
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Use a third-party VPN If you are currently using a third-party site-to-site VPN solution, you can use the existing VPN connection to access the Configuration Storage server in the main office. Just ensure that the computer on which you install the components uses the third-party VPN gateway server as its default gateway. Once you ve installed the ISA Server services in the branch office, you can either leave the existing VPN connection, or remove it and create a new connection using ISA Server. Use Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS) You can also use RRAS to establish the VPN tunnel to the main office. In this case, use a Windows 2000 Server or Windows Server 2003 computer that is not going to have ISA Server
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Manage Software Site Licensing
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Lesson Summary
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The User State Migration Tool (USMT) is a command-line utility that you can use to automate the task of migrating user profiles in wipe-and-replace and side-by-side migrations. USMT is a part of the Windows AIK and is designed to be used in highly automated migration scenarios. USMT migrations occur in two phases: in collecting profile data from the source computer using Scanstate.exe and in importing profile data to the destination computer using Loadstate.exe. In PC Refresh scenarios, the source computer and the destination computer are the same machine. USMT allows you to capture user accounts, user files and folders (including NTFS permissions), operating system settings, and application settings. You can use USMT to migrate profile data to destination computers running Windows 7 from source computers running the Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems. You cannot use USMT to migrate settings for mapped network drives, local printers, device drivers, local user account passwords, shared folder permissions, and Internet connection sharing settings.
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Installation and Configuration of Windows Server 2003 and Active Directory
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Configuring Exchange Server 2003 for RPC over HTTP
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Asymmetric keys are discussed in Lesson 2 of this chapter.
on the workstation.
To inform the users that you are about to disconnect them from the resource they are connected to so that you can perform a backup or restore operation, upgrade software or hardware, or shut down the computer.
SYSVOL, a folder located at %SystemRoot%\SYSVOL by default, contains logon scripts, group policy templates (GPTs), and other resources critical to the health and management of an Active Directory domain. Ideally, SYSVOL should be consistent on each domain controller. However, changes to Group Policy objects and to logon scripts are made from time to time, so you must ensure that those changes are replicated effectively and efficiently to all domain controllers. In previous versions of Windows, the FRS was used to replicate the contents of SYSVOL between domain controllers. FRS has limitations in both capacity and performance that cause it to break occasionally. Unfortunately, troubleshooting and configuring FRS is quite difficult. In Windows Server 2008 domains, you have the option to use DFS-R to replicate the contents of SYSVOL. In this lesson, you will learn how to migrate SYSVOL from FRS to DFS-R.
The Filter tab
Figure 2-8
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