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Choose a Data Source
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has been assigned two consecutive public IPv4 addresses C. A server running Windows Server 2008 R2 with two network adapters that has been assigned one public IPv4 address D. A server running Windows Server 2008 R2 with one network adapter that has been assigned one public IPv4 address 4. Kim Akers, who uses the Kim_Akers user account, has been using a computer running Windows 7 Enterprise named laptop-122 with DirectAccess to access the internal corporate network when working remotely. Laptop-122 is a member of the Direct_Access domain security group. Laptop-122 has developed a fault and Kim has been given Laptop-123, which also runs Windows 7 Enterprise and is joined to the Contoso.internal domain. When Kim is working remotely, she is unable to connect to the internal network. Which of the following steps should you take to resolve this problem A. Add the computer account for Laptop-123 to the Direct_Access group in the domain. B. Add the computer account for Laptop-123 to the Direct_Access group on Laptop-123. C. Add the Kim_Akers user account to the Direct_Access group in the domain. D. Add the Kim_Akers user account to the Direct_Access local group on Laptop123. 5. Your client running Windows 7 is connected to a hotel network, has an address on the /24 network, and is located behind a Network Address Translation (NAT) device. The network blocks all outbound traffic except that on ports 80 and 443. You want the address of the DirectAccess IP-HTTPS server to be set correctly. Which of the following commands could you use A. ipconfig B. netsh interface 6to4 show relay C. netsh interface ipv6 show teredo D. netsh interface httpstunnel show interfaces Answers 1. Correct Answer: D A. Incorrect: Teredo is appropriate when a client has a private IPv4 address and when no firewall blocks traffic on UDP port 3544. Because this port is blocked, the client uses IP-HTTPS. B. Incorrect: To use 6to4, the client must have a public IPv4 address. The question states that the client has been assigned a private IPv4 address. C. Incorrect: To use a globally routable IPv6 address, the client must be assigned a globally routable IPv6 address. D. Correct: IP-HTTPS is used when the DirectAccess client is assigned a private IPv4 address on a network that allows Internet access but that has a firewall that restricts most forms of network traffic. 2. Correct Answers: A and B
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Lesson 1: Configuring Security Settings in Windows Firewall
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Database size in 3 years = 600 (2.04)
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The resulting object is assigned to the variable $objUser, which will represent the object and enable you to manipulate it.
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Resetting passwords
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Working with AD CS
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Lesson Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-23 code 128
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Case Scenario 2: Refreshing Workstations
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that incorporates a position, a deceleration value, and an initial displacement. Figure 6-2 outlines the physics model used for calculating object positions.
11 Review
SQLOS Schedulers
Lesson 1: How to Create a Web Service
Collections and Generics
Permissions Required by Agents
Scenario 10.2
Because all of the data will be collected and processed on the institute s private network, you know that you are assured that client and server applications will be hosted on the .NET Framework. Since the data collected and analyzed will be processor intensive, you realize that efficiency is important for the success of the proposed solution. You therefore suggest that .NET remoteable types are used to implement a distributed solution. You further suggest that the remoteable types use a TCP communication channel and a binary formatter to ensure that the data is handled as quickly as possible.
Touch Me Now: Advanced Multitouch Programming
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