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Implementation GS1 - 12 in .NET Lesson 2: Designing Transactions and Optimizing Locking

Dim adapter As New SqlDataAdapter() 'Initiate the connection to SQL Server Dim connString As String = "server=.\SQL2005STD;" & _ "Integrated Security=SSPI;" & _ "Database=AdventureWorks" Dim conn As New SqlConnection(connString) 'Define the query that will be executed Dim cmd As New SqlCommand("GetProductListing", conn) Try 'Populate the adapter with results of the query adapter.SelectCommand = cmd adapter.Fill(dsProducts) 'Set the datasource for the dataViewGrid control on the form DataGridView1.DataSource = dsProducts.Tables(0) Catch ex As Exception MessageBox.Show(ex.Message) Finally If Not (adapter Is Nothing) Then adapter.Dispose() adapter = Nothing End If If Not (cmd Is Nothing) Then cmd.Dispose() cmd = Nothing End If If Not (conn Is Nothing) Then If (conn.State = ConnectionState.Open) Then conn.Close() End If conn = Nothing End If End Try End Sub
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Network Monitor tools comprises an administrative tool called Network Monitor and an agent called Network Monitor Driver. Both components must be installed for you to capture, display, and analyze network frames.
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1. Which security setting would you use if you wanted to protect sensitive data and allow your partner to edit a package without having to reenter sensitive information 2. In which database can you store SSIS packages
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28. After the publication has been created, click Close. 29. Right-click the Inventory Publication and choose Properties. You will configure the Snapshot folder to the local directory instead of the shared folder because the SQL Server Agent service account does not have access to the shared folder. 30. Select the snapshot page. 31. In the Location Of The Snapshot Files section, clear the Put Files In The Default Folder check box and select the Put Files In The Following Folder check box. 32. Set the folder path to: C:\ReplicationPractice\ReplData. Click OK to confirm the new settings.
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4: Case Scenario Answers
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Correct Answers: C A. Incorrect: This does not help the antivirus software catch a virus that it missed previously. B. Incorrect: Running the antivirus software from Safe Mode does not make a dif ference and might not be possible, anyway. C. Correct: The user should make sure that her virus software is up to date. After any virus issues are resolved, the user should also configure her antivirus software to keep itself updated automatically. D. Incorrect: The System File Checker checks the integrity of Windows system files; it does not detect viruses.
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Lesson 1: Proactive Directory Maintenance and Data Store Protection
Dial-up connections are shown in the Network Connections window.
Practice 1 Create a table called Customers, one called Orders that references the Customers table, and another called OrderRows that references the Orders table. Implement the foreign key constraints with cascading updates and deletes. Test the behavior of these constraints by inserting, updating, and deleting data in the tables.
Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) trusted contact Usenet
Permission Directory Services
The use of the common dialog boxes for Windows in your application will promote familiarity and consistency for users. They already use these dialog boxes in other applications and throughout Windows itself. In addition, these dialog boxes can cut down on your development time. Visual Studio provides a number of these dialog boxes for your use. Table 4-8 lists these dialog boxes and their usage.
Add parameters to the existing queries in an effort to reduce the number of records returned. Create a nightly job that bulk copies batches of records so archiving is more efficient.
// Sets the help keyword for the control
Case expression output paths
You can use Startup Repair to fix most startup problems and you should consider it a first port of call if you encounter a Windows Vista computer that fails to boot properly. The Startup Repair process is able to restore missing system files or repair basic disk errors that stop Windows Vista from booting properly. The Startup Repair process is automatic and requires no user intervention once it has been initiated. Startup Repair cannot be used to fix hardware failures and is unlikely to be helpful if the Windows Vista computer is infected with a virus or a worm.
Select the ProductSubcategory text box, which is the leftmost cell that is the last row in the matrix report item. In the Properties window, make sure that the ProductSubCategory text box is selected. Change the Color property to DarkBlue (the sixth color in the first row of the color palette). Also change TextDecoration property to Underline so that users can see that the subcategory name value is a hyperlink. In the Action property, click the ellipsis ( ) button to open the Text Box Properties dialog box. Below Change Hyperlink Options, select the Go To URL option. Use the following expression to configure the URL:
After re-signing, the assembly is officially strong named.
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