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5. Override the ToString method to display the person s first name, last name, and age. The following code demonstrates this:
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task, you must configure ServerA s public NAT interface to correspond to the addresses provided by the ISP, and statically map one of these addresses (to be used for access from the Internet) to ServerB s private IP address. B. Incorrect: The mapping is made on the NAT computer, not the Web server, and a special port is used, not a static route. C. Incorrect: A special port is used, not a static route. D. Incorrect: The Web server requires only one IP address. This private address must, however, be statically mapped to a public IP address by configuring a spe cial port on the NAT server.
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Figure 11-41
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Next, examine the parameterized SQL query when the same input is provided as a value in a parameterized SQL query:
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2. Click Execute. 3. In the console tree of SMSS, right-click the Databases folder and then choose Refresh from the shortcut menu.
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Estimated lesson time: 90 minutes
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To create a custom principal class, implement it based on IPrincipal; and at a minimum override the constructor, the Identity property, and the IsInRole method. For example, the following class implements the IPrincipal interface without extending the functionality:
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Lesson 1: Configuring Recipients
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Security settings can be configured using the local GPO on an individual computer. The local GPO can be edited using the Group Policy Object Editor snap-in or the Local Security Policy console. Security settings can be defined in a security template with the Security Templates snapin. Security templates can define a large number of security-related settings. Security templates can be used by the Security Configuration and Analysis snap-in to create a database. The snap-in can then analyze the configuration of a system for discrepancies between the computer s current settings and those specified in the database. The snap-in can also apply the database settings to the computer or export the database settings to a security template. Secedit.exe is the command-line tool that performs and extends the functionality of the Security Configuration and Analysis snap-in. Security policies are collections of settings created by the Security Configuration Wizard that define service startup modes, firewall rules, certain registry settings, and audit policies. The Security Configuration Wizard creates security policies based on the roles of a server. A security policy can incorporate the settings in a security template. In the event of conflicting settings, the settings in the security policy take precedence. Scwcmd.exe is the command-line tool that performs and extends the functionality of the Security Configuration Wizard. You can import a security template into a GPO. You can use Scwcmd.exe transform to convert a security policy into a GPO.
Client Code Call HandleException with policy name Exception Handling Application Block Exception Policy Exception Policy Impl * Exception Policy Entry * The HandleException method creates a policy implementation for the named policy. A policy implementation has an entry for each exception type handled by that policy.
Restore Backup Data
Lesson 1: Configuring Mobile Display Settings
Lesson 3: Create Application (Physical) Models for Developers
the Windows Server 2003 systems in to the Mylab OU. Create a GPO that sets the Unsigned Driver Installation Behavior policy to Warn But Allow Installation and apply it to the Mylab OU.
Estimated lesson time: 20 minutes
Loading Hive Files
// C# IntList myIntegers = new IntList(); myIntegers.Add(1); myIntegers.Add(2); myIntegers.Add(3); // myIntegers.Add("4"); does not compile! foreach (Object i in myIntegers) { int number = (int)i; // Never crashes }
1. Review the following questions you need to answer with your prototype. Based on these questions, what type of prototype should you create
Secure by design Developers follow secure coding principles and implement security features to offset potential vulnerabilities. Secure by default Applications that are secure by default assume that most end users install the application without changing the default settings, and therefore require these users to specifically select features that might not be used or that might reduce security.
Lesson Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 177
DNS Environment Variables
Configuring Disaster Recovery
Private NorthwindConnection As New SqlConnection _
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