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When implementing a VPN solution, you must choose which tunneling protocol to use. Table 10-1 lists factors that you should consider as you plan and implement a VPN solution. It also describes the advantages and disadvantages of using PPTP or L2TP/IPSec.
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Table 4-2 lists some guidelines to use as you decide which clients to deploy.
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6. In the Code Access Security application, click the Create File With Declarative Demand button, and then answer the following questions. a. What type of exception was thrown, and why was that particular type of exception thrown
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45. Launch the application by pressing F5. You will notice (in a few seconds) that the application is working as it did when the certificate was specified imperatively. 46. Press Enter to terminate the application. Exercise 2 Create a Custom Authenticator The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate how to create a custom authentication component. As you will see in the code itself, the validation of the credentials is not complex. If you create a real custom authentication component for WCF, you naturally use a different technique than is demonstrated here. Specifically, you would probably use a data store to persist user information instead of hard coding it as this exercise does. However, the process of creating the authentication component and how the WCF pipeline can be configured to use it would still be the same. This exercise demonstrates this process. 1. Navigate to the <InstallHome>/8/Lesson1/Exercise2/<language>/Before directory and double-click the Exercise2.sln file to open the solution in Visual Studio. The solution consists of two projects. They are as follows:
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Every request your application submits to the database is run without checking privileges. Though this alone is not a vulnerability that an attacker could exploit, if you fail to correctly parse user input and expose a SQL injection vulnerability, an attacker will have unrestricted access to your database. An attacker who gains access to your connection string (which might be stored in your source code but should be stored elsewhere) can authenticate directly to your database server.
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How to Enumerate Drives
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List the types of method permission requests. Describe how method permission requests should be used to maximize application
FileIOPermission(FileIOPermissionAccess.Write, @"C:\Inetpub\ );
4. If problems are noted in Device Manager, the component most likely has a device driver issue, is disabled, or has malfunctioned. You should use the troubleshooting techniques detailed in 6 to troubleshoot the hardware.
You, or users you support, can use offline files to access files stored in shared network folders even when the network copies are unavailable. You can do this by using Sync Center to sync with network files that you have made available offline. This automatically creates a copy of the network files (offline files) on your computer. Sync Center will automatically sync your offline files and open them when the network versions are unavailable.
End Sub
Correct Answers: D A. Incorrect: Windows Server 2003 Server does not support NetBEUI, and it cannot be installed on Windows XP Professional. Even if it were installed on the hosts that can support it, NetBEUI would not solve this problem. It cannot resolve NetBIOS names across a router, and a large domain is likely to be subnetted. B. Incorrect: The problem is that some hosts cannot update resource records in DNS and need DHCP to perform this task for them. Allowing all dynamic updates would not solve this problem, plus it would compromise security in the domain. C. Incorrect: This setting is a DHCP setting, and it cannot be configured from the DNS console. D. Correct: DHCP updates resource records for Windows NT 4 clients that cannot register their own details in DNS, for example. Note that this solution might not be complete. Any Windows NT 4 server that has a static IP configuration needs to have its host A resource record entered manually. WINS would be a good solution in this scenario, but the question does not provide this alternative.
Which of the following types of ports is represented in Device Manager by the label Printer Port (LPT1) A. A parallel port B. A serial port C. A FireWire port D. A USB port
--Equivalent code SELECT NULL AS 'ProductCategoryID', Production.Product.ProductSubcategoryID , AVG(Listprice) AS 'Average' FROM Production.Product JOIN Production.ProductSubcategory ON Production.ProductSubcategory.ProductSubcategoryID = Production.Product.ProductSubcategoryID JOIN Production.ProductCategory ON Production.ProductSubcategory.ProductCategoryID = Production.ProductCategory.ProductCategoryID
Lesson 4
The DSMOD command, introduced in 2, is used to modify objects in Active Directory. To modify a group, use the syntax dsmod group GroupDN The command takes many of the same switches as DSADD, including -samid, -desc, -secgrp, and -scope. Typically, though, you won't be changing those attributes of an existing group. Rather, the most useful switches are those that let you modify the mem bership of a group, specifically
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