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In this exercise, you create a view to return customer information for those customers who live in Canada. 1. Launch SSMS, connect to your instance, open a new query window, and change context to the database containing the tables you created in Lesson 1. 2. Create a view by executing the following statement:
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Quick Check
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Server Roles
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Administering Microsoft Windows Server 2003
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Choosing the backup destination
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CLR vs. Transact-SQL
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Group Policy Settings
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Improved Fundamentals
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such as a USB flash drive.
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Basic Disks, Partitions, and Logical Drives
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Known Types
Node2 SCSI Adapter Configuration
Quick Check Answers
Shared folder permissions apply to folders, not individual files. Shared folder permissions apply only to users who connect to the folder over the network. Using shared folder permissions is the only way to secure file resources on FAT volumes. The default shared folder permission is Read, and it is assigned to the Everyone group when you share the folder.
Questions and Answers
After this lesson, you will be able to:
Figure 7-4
Email Address
underlying tasks collection. The following code snippet, which displays both the native and managed code, demonstrates how to add a few user tasks to the application s Jump List:
The primary configuration file in SSRS 2008 is RSReportServer.config. It contains rendering settings and HTTPS. SSRS 2008 does not use RSWebApplication.config. The SSRS policy settings are stored in the RSSrvPolicy.config and RSMgrPolicy.config files.
[Common] ServerName=Contoso-ISA-01 NameResolution=L
Installing full-text search
Perform the prerequisite steps for enabling database mirroring.
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