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vendor class An administrative feature that allows DHCP clients to be identified and leased according to their vendor and hardware configuration type. For example, assigning a vendor class of HP to a printer vendor such as Hewlett-Packard would allow all Hewlett-Packard printers to be managed as a single unit so they could all obtain a similar DHCP leased configuration. virtual local area network (VLAN) A logical grouping of hosts on one or more local area networks (LANs) that allows communication to occur between hosts as if they were on the same physical LAN. virtual private network (VPN) The extension of a private network that encom passes encapsulated, encrypted, and authenticated links across shared or public networks. VPN connections can provide remote access and routed connections to private networks over the Internet. voluntary tunnel A tunnel that is initiated by the client. A voluntary tunnel tunnels Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) over IP from the client to the tunnel server, and then the data is forwarded to the target host by the tunnel server. VPN server A computer that accepts virtual private network (VPN) connections from VPN clients. A VPN server can provide a remote access VPN connection or a router-to-router VPN connection. weak password A password that does not provide an effective defense against unauthorized access to a resource. A weak password can be less than seven char acters long, contain all or part of a user s account name, or contain less than three of the four following categories of characters: uppercase characters, lowercase characters, base 10 digits, and symbols found on the keyboard (such as !, @, #). well-known services Services that are so pervasive in the computer industry that standard bindings are universally recognized. These services often maintain a machine-centric status and are frequently legacy services such as those developed for use in TCP/IP networks, for example, Telnet and File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Well-known services can be published in Active Directory, but because their bind ings are widely known, the information is superfluous. Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) A software service that dynamically maps IP addresses to computer names (Network Basic Input Output System [NetBIOS] names). This enables users to access resources by name instead of requiring them to use IP addresses that are difficult to recognize and remember. Windows Support Tools Tools that administrators, developers, or support person nel can use to diagnose and troubleshoot operating system configuration prob lems. Although Windows Support Tools are included on the operating system CD, they are not guaranteed or supported by Microsoft, and they must be installed sep arately from the operating system.
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.NET Web services allow you to expose data to outside consumers as Extensible Markup Language (XML). Web methods of those Web services behave virtually identically to how normal methods behave. .NET Web services can be created and consumed in any .NET language. .NET Web services can be consumed by anything that can parse XML, which is how the data is returned. A Web reference is needed to consume a Web service. After a Web reference is added to a project, Visual Studio 2005 creates a class that maps to the Web service s methods and properties, which allows you to interact with the Web service as though it were local. Web methods can be called just like traditional methods. Invocations can be done either asynchronously or synchronously. To implement fire and forget functionality, you can use the OneWay attribute on Web methods. The two methods you can use to determine when a Web method has finished executing are polling and callbacks. Semantically, callbacks are much more elegant than polling.
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Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining Routing And Remote Access (4.0)
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Case Scenario 1: Giving Advice On User Account Control
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You ve been contracted by The Phone Company to investigate why their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application is running slow, causing support techs to spend an unreasonable amount of time waiting for queries to execute. After several days of analyzing their code base and backend database, you come to the conclusion that the lack of performance is due to the exponential increase of their customer base, which is causing too many records to be fetched when running queries that were not designed with scalability in mind. You also notice the archiving utility is constantly running, moving individual records from current to history. List the potential improvements you can make to the application.
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Figure 2-1 An empty MMC
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Static and Dynamic Routing
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End Module
2. Below the To Do List, click the Get Started By Synchronizing Your Server link. 3. In the Update Files And Languages area, click Advanced. 4. A warning message indicates that computers will not be able to receive updates from the server during the configuration change. Click OK. 5. In the Language frame, select Download Only Those Updates That Match The Locale Of This Server. 6. A warning message indicates that you need to include all languages of all computers in your network. Click OK. 7. Click OK to close the Advanced Synchronization Options dialog box.
If Not (TypeOf token Is UsernameToken) Then
Case Scenario: Creating a Plan Guide
B. Incorrect: Quotas cannot be set by editing folder properties. Quotas can only be
In the following case scenario, you will apply what you ve learned about archiving database data. You can find answers to the questions in the Answers section at the end of this book.
If any node, or workstation, is configured with one of the IP addresses described here, it will not be able to connect to the outside world the Internet. A Windows Server 2003 server configured with Routing and Remote Access or Internet Connection Sharing can act as a NAT server. Internet Connection Sharing is recom mended only for very small networks, however, and most organizations should imple ment NAT using Routing and Remote Access. (See Figure 9-1.)
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