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5. During a(n) ____________ backup, only selected files and folders that have a marker are backed up, but the backup does not clear markers. If you performed two of these backups in a row on a file and nothing changed in the file, the entire file would be backed up each time.
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Figure 18-2 SSMS Database Properties window
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Lesson 2
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tabLe 1-4 Data Flow Destinations and Their Uses
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Isolation levels
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CREATE TABLE Test.Contacts ( ContactID INT IDENTITY PRIMARY KEY ,Name NVARCHAR(50) NOT NULL ,PhoneNumber VARCHAR(20) NULL ,CONSTRAINT CKContactsPhoneNumber CHECK(dbo.fnIsPhoneNumber(PhoneNumber) = 1) ,AreaCode AS CAST(SUBSTRING(PhoneNumber, 2, 3) AS CHAR(3)) PERSISTED ,CONSTRAINT FKContactsAreaCodes FOREIGN KEY (AreaCode) REFERENCES Test.AreaCodes );
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from an existing file. To create a new asymmetric key, you use the WITH ALGORITHM clause, for example:
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The 180-day Evaluation Edition provided with this training is not the full retail product and is provided only for the purposes of training and evaluation. Microsoft and Microsoft Technical Support do not support this evaluation edition.
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This process ensures that all applications maintain the same IP address and network name, regardless of the piece of hardware on which they are currently running. By preserving the same IP address and network name through a failover, you do not need to reconfigure applications to reconnect following a failover.
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Benefits of Automated Unit Testing
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Instrumenting Your Application
Remember which policy to configure to allow computers without TPM chips to use BitLocker.
A 22-page white paper published June 2002, entitled Software Update Services Overview. This paper provides a good introduction to SUS but does not cover issues specific to Windows Server 2003. A 95-page white paper published January 2003, entitled Deploying Microsoft Software Update Services. This paper provides in-depth information about imple menting SUS on both Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 networks.
Specify a partition scheme when creating a table. Specify a partition scheme when creating an index.
Your SSIS ETL packages have been deployed to SQL Server, and it is now your responsibility as the database administrator (DBA) to secure and schedule the packages for execution on your production server. One of the shared connections references a legacy database system that requires a user name and password. Therefore, a SQL Server configuration has been set up to manage the user name and password and to share them between packages. Your task is to secure the packages and schedule them for execution, taking into account the following requirements:
The PTR record associated with the same host
Dim conn As New SqlConnection Dim connStr As String = "Data Source=" + txtInstance.Text + ";" + _ "Initial Catalog=AdventureWorks;" + _ "Integrated Security=SSPI;" + _ "MultipleActiveResultSets=True;" conn.ConnectionString = connStr conn.Open() 'Get a SqlDataReader that contains contact records Dim cmd1 As New SqlCommand("SELECT ContactID, " + _ "EmailAddress, EmailPromotion " + _ " FROM Person.Contact", conn) Dim dr As SqlDataReader = cmd1.ExecuteReader 'Define our UPDATE statements Dim cmd2 As New SqlCommand cmd2.Connection = conn Try While dr.Read If dr.GetInt32(2) = 0 Then cmd2.CommandText = "UPDATE SET emailaddress = " + _ "REPLACE('" + dr.GetString(1) + "', '', " + _ "'')" + _ "WHERE ContactID = " + dr.GetInt32(0) End If If dr.GetInt32(2) = 0 Then cmd2.CommandText = "UPDATE SET emailaddress = " + _ "REPLACE('" + dr.GetString(1) + "', '', " + _ "'')" + _ "WHERE ContactID = " + dr.GetInt32(0) End If If dr.GetInt32(2) = 0 Then cmd2.CommandText = "UPDATE SET emailaddress = " + _ "REPLACE('" + dr.GetString(1) + "', '', " + _ "'')" + _ "WHERE ContactID = " + dr.GetInt32(0) End If End While
If you have defined foreign keys with cascading actions, any AFTER triggers on the affected tables will still be executed, but they will be executed after the whole chain of cascading actions has completed. If an error occurs while the cascading action chain is being executed, the entire chain will be rolled back and no AFTER triggers will be executed for that chain.
insert data into a SQL Server table or view.
Managing Group Membership
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Your ISA Server 2004 enterprise has four arrays. Each separate array is used by a different branch office in your organization. Which of the following policy rules would be more appropriate at the array level rather than the enterprise level (Choose all that apply.) A. You need a policy rule that denies HTTP access to all users at a specific branch office.
The DataMemberAttribute
return "Hello World";
Domains, Trees, and Forests
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