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DECLARE @var1 @var2 INT, VARCHAR(30)
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Figure 12-6 A trust relationship example
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BE SURE TO log in as an administrator and have an active Internet connection before beginning this exercise.
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Contents at a Glance
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Windows XP provides a feature named Simple File Sharing that is designed to make sharing files on small business and home networks easier for users. When you disable Simple File Sharing, more powerful security features become available. With Simple File Sharing disabled, you can configure specific permissions for users and groups when you share a resource. You can also configure NTFS permissions to provide pow erful local security on disks formatted with the NTFS file system. As a DST, you should be able to configure security permissions and determine when security permissions are preventing users access to resources.
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Perform the following steps to execute the Regsvr32 command to ensure that Person.dll (or whatever COM DLL you are using) is registered: 1. Open a new Command window or the Run dialog box (which you can access by choosing Start and then Run). 2. Execute Regsvr32 Person.dll. Now that the DLL has been registered, you have two ways to import it:
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Decrypt Decrypts data with the RSA algorithm. Encrypt Encrypts data with the RSA algorithm. ExportParameters Exports an RSAParameters structure, which defines the algorithm s key pair. Pass true to this method to export both the private and public key, or pass false to export only the public key. FromXmlString Imports a key pair from an XML string. Imports to a public key or key pair the specified RSAPa-
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bit varchar(30) varchar(30) varchar(30) varchar(50) int char(10) int
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Supporting Windows XP File and Folder Access
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Create a WSE router application. Configure the WSE router application. Configure a referral cache for routing.
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SavePathDialog.Description = "Select a folder to restore BLOB file to"
Lesson 3: Creating Windows Services
1. If you want to generate a proxy class that uses the XmlSerializer, which of the four methods for generating a proxy would be best to use 2. Does it ever make sense to invoke a OneWay operation asynchronously
This completes the agent library, and it should now build. Next, you finish off the Windows Forms client that consumes the service. 10. Switching to the MapPointTestClient project, open the MainForm (.cs or .vb as appropriate) code file and add the following imports, noting that they are slightly different between the Visual Basic and C# versions because of the way the two languages handle default naming of proxy namespaces:
In this lab, you create a queue, create a message, and send that message to the queue. If you encounter a problem completing an exercise, the completed projects are avail able on the companion CD in the Code folder.
Note Simple File Sharing works on volumes formatted to use the FAT or NTFS file system. However, you can make a folder private only if the volume is formatted with NTFS.
Select a partition type on the basic disk.
Managing and Maintaining Access to Resources (3.0)
When you call the GetInitialVelocities method of the arguments, you ll have an object of type ManipulationVelocities returned. Here s the code to set this up:
Hardening ASP.NET Applications
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