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Lesson 1: Using Value Types
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Which of the following steps must be performed to correct the problem 1. Delete the computer accounts 2. Reset the user accounts 3. Join the computers to a workgroup 4. Disable the computer accounts 5. Reset the computer accounts 6. Enable the computer accounts 7. Create new computer accounts 8. Join the computers to the domain
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Install and enable the Routing And Remote Access service on Mag1. Ensure that Mag1 has no default gateway and a subnet mask of Mag1 is already configured with the IP address of on its private interface. Enable routing on Mag1 s dial-up port. Create a demand-dial interface that connects to the ISP. Create a default static route that uses the public Internet interface. Add the NAT routing protocol. Add the private and public interfaces on Mag1 to NAT, choosing the appropriate setting for each on the NAT/Basic Firewall tab. Enable network address translation and name resolution. Configure the client computer default gateways with the public IP address that is supplied by the ISP.
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After configuring all the other components, you are finally ready to enable quarantine service on ISA Server. To enable quarantine service, complete the following steps. 1. In the tree of the ISA Server Management Console, click Networks. 2. In the details pane, click the Networks tab, and then select the Quarantined VPN Clients network. 3. On the Tasks tab, click Edit Selected Network. 4. On the Quarantine tab, shown in Figure 10-14, click Enable Quarantine Control, and then select one of the following options:
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Correct: The group membership will not take effect until Joe s credentials are re-
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Method Invocations and Event Management with .NET Web Services
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Configuring Clients
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Estimated lesson time: 20 minutes
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DML triggers operate on UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE statements. You can configure them to enforce business rules and enforce data integrity when users modify data in tables or views. You create, modify, and drop DML triggers using Transact-SQL syntax. DML triggers can perform the following functions:
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Undo phase In this final phase, SQL Server identifies uncommitted transactions and rolls them back to bring the database to a consistent state. The undo phase completes a restore sequence, and you cannot restore subsequent backups as a
Zone: example.microsoft.com
Using the INSERT Statement
Assigning a user the db_owner role is a very bad thing to do because it gives that user a great many rights to your database. However, it is a very common mistake for developers to make, because selecting the db_owner check box immediately resolves all database authorization-related problems.
Windows XP Professional treats it as a new file. As a new file, it takes on the permissions of the destination folder. You must have Write permission for the destination folder to copy files and folders. You become the creator and owner.
CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.GetProductListing AS SELECT name, productnumber, listprice FROM production.product GO
Lesson 3: Implementing Service Broker Solutions
Designing a Client Life Cycle
<listeners> <add name="log" type="System.Diagnostics.XmlWriterTraceListener" initializeData="Traces.svclog" /> </listeners>
Any object in Active Directory can be exported or imported using LDIFDE, including users, groups, computers, or OUs. In addition, any property of these objects can be modified using LDIFDE.
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