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SQLServer:Databases:Data File(s) Size (KB) SQLServer:SQL Errors: Errors/sec
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1. You are using Exchange Management Console to move selected mailboxes to another database. You select the mailboxes and step through the pages of the wizard. On the Move Schedule page, you specify that the mailboxes should be moved at 11:30 PM that day, and you click Next. On the Move Mailbox page, you click Move. What then happens A. You click Finish, and a single command to move the mailboxes is sent to Exchange Management Shell. Exchange Management Shell uses the scheduling facilities of the OS to delay the execution of the command until the appropriate time. B. You click Finish, and multiple commands to move each mailbox individually are sent to Exchange Management Shell. Exchange Management Shell uses the scheduling facilities of the OS to delay the execution of the commands until the appropriate time. C. The Finish control is grayed out, and you cannot close the Move Mailbox Wizard. At 11:30 PM, a single command is sent to Exchange Management Shell to implement all the mailbox moves. After the mailboxes have been moved, you can click Finish to close the wizard. D. The Finish control is grayed out, and you cannot close the Move Mailbox Wizard. At 11:30 PM, multiple commands are sent to Exchange Management Shell, each of which implements a mailbox move. After the mailboxes have been moved, you can click Finish to close the wizard. 2. You enter the command Move-Mailbox Don Hall -TargetDatabase "First Storage Group\First Glasgow Mailbox Database" -BadItemLimit 5. Don Hall s mailbox contains six corrupted messages. What is the result of the command A. Don Hall s mailbox is moved with all corrupted messages removed. B. Don Hall s mailbox is not moved. C. Don Hall s mailbox is moved with five corrupted messages removed. The sixth corrupted message is moved with the mailbox. D. Don Hall s mailbox is moved along with the first five corrupted messages. The sixth corrupted message is not moved. 3. Kim Akers s mailbox is in the database Mailbox Database in the storage group First Storage Group. Five of the messages contained in the mailbox are corrupted. What does the following command do
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Click the Test Connection button, and then click OK. Click OK again to close the Connection Manager dialog box. Select the (local).AdventureWorks2008 data connection in the Data Connections list, and then click Finish in the Data Source Wizard. The Completing The Wizard page prompts you to enter a name for the new project data source. Type adventureWorks2008 in the Data Source Name box, and then click Finish. Be sure to remove the space between Adventure and Works2008. Next, repeat steps 2 to 9 to create a new project data source for the (local).AdventureWorksDW2008 database, and name this data source adventureWorksDW2008. When you are finished creating the data sources, click the Save All button on the BIDS toolbar.
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64-bit edition of Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2003 R2. If you plan to use single-copy cluster or cluster continuous replication, the enterprise editions of Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 R2 are required. The following volumes must be formatted with the NTFS file system: 1. System volume 2. Volumes that store Exchange program files, storage group files, transaction log files, database files, and all other Exchange files
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Exercise 2: Creating and Configuring an Array
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Install a New Windows Server 2008 Forest with the Windows Interface
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10. Click Find Now.
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2. Click Synchronize Server on the left navigation bar. 3. Click Synchronization Schedule. You will manually synchronize for this exercise. However, you can examine syn chronization options by clicking Synchronize Using This Schedule. When you are finished exploring settings, click Cancel. 4. On the Synchronize Server page, click Synchronize Now. If you have elected to download updates to the server, synchronization may take some time. 5. After synchronization has occurred, you will be redirected automatically to the Approve Updates page. You can also click Approve Updates on the left naviga tion bar.
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What Type Is that Object
Changes Caused by Strong Naming
17. Double-click the button labeled Collapse/Uncollapse Panel1 and add the follow ing code to the Click event handler:
Lesson 5: Generic Collections
Machine.config App1 Web.config
There are several ways to store package configurations. Storage locations are listed in Table 7-4.
The IsolatedStorageFileStream class encapsulates a stream that is used to create files in isolated storage. This class derives from the FileStream class, so its usage after creation is almost identical to the FileStream class. Table 2-37 shows the most important IsolatedStorageFileStream properties.
Every domain controller has a built-in collection of folders named SYSVOL (for System Volume). The SYSVOL folders provide a default Active Directory location for files that must be replicated throughout a domain. You can use SYSVOL to replicate Group Policy Objects, startup and shutdown scripts, and logon and logoff scripts. A Windows Server 2003 service named File Replication Service (FRS) is responsible for replicating files in the SYSVOL folders between domain controllers. FRS uses site boundaries to govern the replication of items in the SYSVOL folders.
Lesson 3 Review
nuLL functions type casts Converts a value from one data type to a different data type. For example, (DT_I4) 10.0 converts 10.0 to 10 as an integer.
11000000 10101000 00000000 11100001
Workgroup 2; includes support for multicore processor 3 GB
Developing SSIS Packages
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