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To enable MSMQ communication specifically, you must also create a queue, using the Computer Management snap-in. The queue you create must use the name of the hosting application along with the service file name. For example, if your service host application is named OrderServiceHost and the service file is named service.svc, the queue must be named OrderServiceHost/service.svc. By default, the Windows NT service that handles MSMQ activation uses the NETWORK SERVICE Windows account. This account must be granted peek and receive message permissions, which you can do also by using the Message Queuing MMC snap-in (as shown in Figure 3-2).
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For details about all the practice test options available, see the How to Use the Practice Tests section in this book s introduction.
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In the CreatePartition Properties box, under Settings, configure the following settings, as shown in Figure 6-18:
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D. An unhandled SecurityException occurs before the application begins execution. 2. An administrator runs the console application with the Everything permission set. What will the output from the application be
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Figure 9-11 shows the Preference Levels tab. IP routing decisions are performed according to routing tables, and this feature allows you to arrange the priority of routes collected from various sources. When two sources provide a conflict in routes, only the route with the higher preference level is added to the routing table. These preference levels therefore supersede any metrics assigned to routes. Preference levels are listed in order. The first (top) route source has the highest priority and the lowest rank number (1). The lowest route source has the lowest priority and the highest rank number (120). You can adjust the rank of a route source by clicking a source on the list and using the Move Up button and Move Down button as needed.
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Which of the following statements about HTTP filtering is correct (Choose all that apply.) A. HTTP filtering cannot be applied to deny rules. B. Setting the Maximum Headers Length in the HTTP Properties dialog box for a specific rule will apply globally to all Web publishing rules. C. Web sites that use Russian language URLs will remain available if the Block HighBit Characters filter is selected. D. Any actions configured for specific file extensions on a rule s HTTP properties will apply globally to all Web publishing rules. E. Any signatures configured by editing a Web publishing rule s HTTP properties will apply globally to all Web publishing rules.
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object This is the shell object. strName This is the string indicating the name of the key or value to delete. strName must be a fully qualified path to a key or value and begin with one of the root keys: HKCR, HKCU, HKLM, 218
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Notice the use of the query() method, the use of the sql:variable function, the use of the sql:column function, and the use of the exist() method. The result you see should be similar to this structure:
How should you configure this computer to run both Windows 98 and Windows XP Professional
Explaining the Startup Process
EXecute (special access) REad (Special access) Write (Special access) Delete (Special access)
Configure Forward Caching and Reverse Caching
HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\MMC\ {B6F9C8AF EF3A 41C8 A911 37370C331DD4}\Restrict_Run
In this practice, you will set up a logical printer on a print server and simulate connect ing a client to the shared printer. You will then send a print job to the printer. You do not need to have a print device connected to Server01 or to the network, nor are you required to have a second computer to act as a print client. However, if you have access to these additional components, you are encouraged to implement the exercises using that extra hardware.
backup strategy
After you enable logging, you can access the log file by browsing to its location and opening the file. Log entries provide insight about which packets have been successful in getting into the network and which have been rejected. There are two sections of the log: the header and the body. The header includes information about the version of Windows Firewall, the full name of the Windows Firewall, where the time stamp on
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