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If any of these conditions are not met, the user will continue to work with the offline version of the share until all files are closed and synchronization occurs.
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Note Workgroups, domains, and multiple domains describe the logical grouping of comput ers. Don t confuse this logical grouping with the physical layout of the network. A small network of three computers connected by a single hub can be logically grouped into a domain, just as a larger network consisting of thousands of computers across multiple subnets can also be grouped into a domain. The reason for the distinction between logical and physical structures is one of abstraction. The physical layout has to do with where computers are located and how they are connected to the network. The logical layout has to do with the func tion of the computer, how it is used, and how it is managed. By separating the two, the admin istration of computers does not have to be affected by the network infrastructure.
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Lesson Review
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William Ryan A few years ago, my company implemented a fairly straightforward client/server application in ASP.NET. The application was implemented and customers were happy, but we received some new security guidelines from the government that involved implementing a new firewall. The application connected directly to the database from the Web server, which forced us to poke a hole in the firewall and opened up some potential security concerns. We decided that we should use .NET remoting to implement an application server. The Web server would only talk to the application server and the application server would talk to the database. This way, the database could never be accessed directly from the Web server, so even if the Web server were ever compromised, the attack surface would be greatly reduced. This solution was the single best enhancement that was made in the application, and we have used .NET remoting extensively since then.
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In the Local Security Settings window, under the Local Policies folder, there is a Security Options folder. There are close to 60 additional security options grouped into the following categories: accounts, audit, devices, domain controller, domain member, interactive logon, Microsoft network client, network access, network security, recovery console, shutdown, system cryptography, and system objects. In this lesson, you learn about some of the more important security options available.
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Case Scenario 1: Creating and Managing SSIS Packages
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1. Design the ISA Server client deployment to meet your organization s requirements. What clients will you deploy, and how will you configure them
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SET XACT_ABORT ON; behaves differently when you are inside a try block. The difference is simply that, instead of terminating the batch and rolling back the transaction, control is transferred to the catch block, but the transaction is left uncommittable or doomed (that is, XACT_STATE() returns -1). This means that if XACT_ABORT is turned on, you cannot commit transactions inside a catch block.
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Have the user make sure that the correct information is being typed and that the CAPS LOCK key is not engaged. If this fails to resolve the issue and the user is trying to log on to a domain, have the user contact an administrator.
nization that occurs over a slow dial-up link.
Whether you upgrade or migrate to Windows Vista depends on the hardware and software configuration of the computer you re going to work with. In 1, Installing Windows Vista Client, we discussed dual booting, which is when a computer is configured to run both Windows Vista and another operating system. Upgrading and migrating differ from dual booting because both involve having the user s data, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer bookmarks and desktop settings, included in the new Windows Vista installation. When upgrading or migrating to Windows Vista, the user forgoes using the existing operating system.
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