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To complete this chapter, you must have:
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1. In the ISA Server Management Console tree, expand ISA1, then expand Configuration, and then click Networks. 2. In the Task pane, on the Templates tab, click Edge Firewall. 3. In the Welcome to the Network Template Wizard, click Next. 4. On the Export the ISA Server Configuration page, click Export to export the network configuration before modifying it. 5. In the Export Configuration dialog box, type Network Configuration PreTemplate in the File Name box. Click the check boxes for Export user permission settings and Export confidential information (encryption will be used) and then click Export. 6. Type a password in the Password and Confirm Password boxes. Click OK. When the export finishes, click OK.
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Thumbnail toolbars are an exceptional productivity feature that gives users the ability to do more with the application s thumbnail without switching to the application s window and interrupting their work. A thumbnail toolbar is essentially a remote control for the application, which is displayed beneath the application s thumbnail. For example, the Windows Media Player thumbnail toolbar shown in the following screen shot features the Play, Previous, and Next toolbar buttons with the standard icons for these operations.
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Create a Windows Forms application in Microsoft Visual Studio using Visual Basic or C#. Write to files and streams.
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' VB watcher.Filter = "*.ini" watcher.IncludeSubdirectories = True watcher.NotifyFilter = _ NotifyFilters.Attributes Or NotifyFilters.Size // C# watcher.Filter = "*.ini"; watcher.IncludeSubdirectories = true; watcher.NotifyFilter = NotifyFilters.Attributes | NotifyFilters.Size;
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E xE rcisE 2 Creating a Task Sequence to Install Windows 7 and Restore User State Data
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Leased lines include:
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SELECT LOGINPROPERTY('kimakers', 'IsMustChange'); GO
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The Windows Messenger Service itself relies upon port 1863 being open.
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Set objOU = GetObject("LDAP://TargetOUDN") objOU.MoveHere "LDAP://UserDN", vbNullString
Lesson 1: Calling Remoting Methods
Pr actice
Practice 2 Create a service that performs the tasks described in the case scenario. Practice 3 Modify the service you created in the Lab section of Lesson 3 so
An enterprise workstation deployment typically has a baseline configuration that applies to all of the computers. This configuration might consist of standard applications, but typically also includes configuration settings that control features such as error reporting, auditing, and user profiles. An enterprise is likely to have differing requirements for various groups of workstations. Administrators might therefore have different configuration settings for each of the workstation images they maintain. Defining workstation configuration settings should begin early in the Plan phase of the deployment project and be subject to the same planning, testing, and deployment procedures as the rest of the project. Windows 7 now supports more than 2,500 settings that you can configure using Group Policy, including a large number of preference settings that formerly were configurable only by using scripts. You can write scripts using batch or command files, Windows PowerShell commands, or any scripting language supported by the Windows Script Host (WSH), including VBScript and JScript.
You can view the RSoP for a computer by using the command-line tool Gpresult.exe. To display RSoP, open the command prompt on a computer running Windows XP and type gpresult. Windows calculates the RSoP for the computer and displays the results, as shown in Figure 3-7.
If you are unsure of which location to specify when the Windows Vista installation routine asks you, select Public Location. When a computer is configured to dual boot, each operating system is installed on a separate volume.
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