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CREATE TRIGGER tu_ProductAuditTrail ON Production.Product FOR UPDATE AS INSERT INTO Production.ProductAuditTrail (AuditDate, ChangeUser, ProductID, BeforeListPrice, AfterListPrice) SELECT GETDATE(), SUSER_SNAME(), i.ProductID, d.ListPrice, i.ListPrice FROM inserted i INNER JOIN deleted d ON i.ProductID = d.ProductID GO
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Lab: Throttling and Demarcation
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Represent each data source available to your application. There is a provider for SQL Server and another one for Oracle. Third-party companies can create providers for other databases as well. Services Represent what is done with the data returned by a provider. For example, there is one service that provides an in-memory cache so that data can be maintained inside a dataset. ADO.NET is included with the .NET Framework, so you do not have to do anything special to access it. Everything you need is provided in the System.Data namespace. You will have to set a reference to the specific namespace required. The namespace you use is dependent on the data source you are trying to access. For example, if you are trying to access a SQL Server 7.x database, you will set a reference to the System.Data.SqlClient namespace. Refer to Table 1-2 to determine the correct namespace to reference. The following code would need to be placed at the top of any code file that makes a connection to the database:
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Ideally, all the printers should be the same make and model. However, you can create a printer pool if all the printers can use the same printer driver.
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Overview of Recovery Models
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You can add each user in a database to one or more database roles. SQL Server ships with 10 database roles, as shown in Table 6-1. You can also create your own roles within a database.
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5. Click Next.
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Correct Answers: C A. Incorrect: Windows XP never automatically overwrites a document that has been updated since synchronization, even if changes were made to a cached version of the document. B. Incorrect: Windows XP lacks the capability to merge changes. However, you can manually merge changes between multiple versions of documents. C. Correct: Windows XP Professional provides the user with the option of overwriting one version of the document. Avoid this, however, because changes to the discarded document are lost. Instead, choose the option of renaming one of the documents and manually merge the document s changes. D. Incorrect: Windows XP never automatically overwrites a document that has been updated since synchronization.
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updates; it does not allow nonadministrative users to install updates.
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DELETE FROM ProspectiveBuyer WHERE ProspectiveBuyerKey = 2060;
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Note You can reorder items on the All Programs list by dragging and dropping, or you can order them alphabetically by right-clicking any entry and choosing Sort By Name.
The bulk of this training kit is devoted to the process by which Windows 7 desktop administrators design a workstation deployment on an enterprise network. Subsequent chapters in this book discuss the processes by which administrators design and create image files, decide on a baseline client configuration, package applications, and select a deployment strategy. The primary tool for designing and implementing mass Windows 7 deployments is Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010. However, depending on the size and complexity of the network, the processes listed here can be but a small part of the overall deployment process.
6. Address the third requirement, Only the CPhilp user can run the method linked to the Divide button. The following code would work for the divideButton_Click method:
rules if you want to allow other authorized traffic to pass through the firewall into the computer. The default settings allow all outgoing traffic. If you want to control outgoing traffic through the firewall, you need to specifically block programs or types of traffic.
Tool Strips, Menus, and Events
cross-tabulation A common business report DAC See Dedicated administrator connection. data definition language (DDL) trigger
In some cases, you don t need to have a proxy class explicitly defined anywhere because WCF provides the ChannelFactory class as a means of dynamically creating a proxy object based on the Service contract alone. Without ever explicitly generating a proxy class or manually defining one, you can create a proxy object, using only the Service contract and the ChannelFactory class. The following code shows how this would be done.
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