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Installing Windows XP
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7. On the Enable Publishers page, review the authorized publishers. Confirm that the local server is selected and click Next. 8. On the Wizard Actions page, select both check boxes. You will create the distribution database, configure the server, and create the script to document the configuration. Click Next. 9. On the Script File Properties page, use the path and file name C:\ReplicationPractice\Scripts\ConfigureDistribution.sql and select Overwrite The Existing File. (You will use this script in other practices.) Click Next. 10. On the Complete The Wizard page, review the configured options and then click Finish. 11. Wait for the configuration of the Distributor and Publisher to complete and then click Close.
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A small device that offers additional data storage and can be used to copy files onto and off of computers. A small camera that can be used to record video for transmission to someone else. A handheld computer that provides a way to store and carry personal information. You can copy your e-mail messages, calendar, contact information, and documents to a PDA from a computer. A phone that you carry with you to make calls from different and even remote locations. You can copy your calendar and address book information stored on a computer to the mobile phone to save time.
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To back up all data on a computer regardless of the assigned permissions to that data, you must use a user account that has the Backup Files And Directories user right assigned. To restore data, you must use a user account that has the Restore Files And Directories user right assigned. Members of the Administrators and Backup Operators local groups have these rights by default. Backup allows you to back up data from or to shared folders on remote computers. Backup cannot write backup files directly to a CD-ROM or DVD.
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Create, Add, Delete, and Edit Data in a Disconnected Environment
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The default configuration puts the maximum log file size at 512 KB and allows for the file to overwrite, so once the file reaches 512 KB, the older data in the log will be overwritten.
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Microsoft\Driver Signing
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For more information on debugging multiple processes using Visual Studio 2005, visit the topic titled Attaching to Running Processes at
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Connection Security Rules Connection security rules are a special type of rule that deal with authenticated and encrypted traffic. You can use connection security rules to manage how communication occurs between different hosts on the network. You use the New Connection Security Rule Wizard, shown in Figure 7-10, to create connection security rules. Connections can be authenticated using the Kerberos V5 protocol requiring a domain computer and user account or a domain computer account. If you select advanced properties, connections can be authenticated using NTLMv2, computer certificates from a particular certificate authority (CA) or using a pre-shared key.
Regedit is in %SYSTEMROOT%, C:\Windows on most computers. Click Start, Run, and type regedit to run Regedit. You don't have to type the path. If you want to start Regedit even quicker, drag Regedit.exe to your Quick Launch toolbar or to the Start button to add it to the top of your Start menu. 33
public void FilterProductNameTooLong()
Group Policy Objects (GPOs)
As mentioned earlier and in previous chapters, a Zero-Touch Installation follows the same basic steps as a Lite-Touch Installation. You still install reference computers, capture images of them, and deploy those images to your target computers. However, a ZTI target computer deployment differs from an LTI deployment in that it requires no interaction at all at the workstation. In Lesson 1 of this chapter, you saw how the effort you put into the preparation of an LTI deployment was repaid by reduced interaction later. To reduce the interaction to zero requires even more preparation, as well as a significantly more complex infrastructure.
Figure 11-47 Viewing statistics c Modem
' VB myReader.MoveToAttribute("length") MsgBox(myReader.OuterXml) // C# myReader.MoveToAttribute("length"); MessageBox.Show(myReader.OuterXml);
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aform.Text = "Form copy " + forms.ToString();
Although it is usually easier to use aliases when working interactively, using the full cmdlet name will make stored scripts easier to read and maintain.
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