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Data passed down on sending host
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E xE rcisE 1 Running Gpresult.exe from the Command Prompt
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Understanding General Troubleshooting Procedures
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Description Enables the automatic handling of text that extends beyond the width of the button. Sets a DialogResult value that you can associate with the button, such as DialogResult.OK or DialogResult.Cancel. Defines styles that govern how the button appears and behaves when the FlatStyle property is set to Flat. Sets the visual style of the button when a user moves the mouse over the button and clicks.
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This query will return one row for every employee in the Employee table. For each row of the Employee table, if a corresponding row exists in the EmployeeAddress table, the data from that table will also be returned. However, if for a row of the Employee table no corresponding row exists in EmployeeAddress, the row from the Employee table will still be returned, with NULL values for each column that would have been returned from the EmployeeAddress table. A right outer join is similar to a left outer join except that all rows from the right table will be returned, instead of rows from the left table. The following query is, therefore, identical to the query listed previously:
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FiGURe 8-10 Sample syntax and results from a variety of searches on the term n/a
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Input/output (I/O) I/O ports are a section of memory that a hardware device uses to commuport nicate with the operating system. When a microprocessor receives an IRQ, the operating system checks the I/O port address to retrieve additional information about what the hardware device wants it to do. An I/O port is represented as a hexadecimal number. Direct memory access (DMA) DMAs are channels that allow a hardware device, such as a floppy disk drive, to access memory directly, without interrupting the microprocessor. DMA channels speed up access to memory. Windows XP Professional assigns eight DMA channels, numbered 0 through 7. Many hardware devices, such as a network interface card (NIC), use onboard memory or reserve system memory. This reserved memory is unavailable for use by other devices or Windows XP Professional.
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Figure 14-19 Defining operator parameters
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disk quotas Quotas that allow you to control the amount of disk space that any indi vidual user can occupy. effective permissions The permissions level that a user actually has, taking all permission sources into account. hidden share A method of preventing users who are browsing the network from viewing the share. If you append the dollar sign ($) to a share name, it becomes hidden. offline files Files and folders that are available to a user when the user is no longer connected to the network share. owner The user who created a file, folder, or printer.
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Although the CultureInfo class provides fairly detailed information about a given culture, more granular information is sometimes needed. The RegionInfo is one mechanism to provide more detailed information. In short, the RegionInfo class provides specific information about a particular country or region. The CultureInfo has two types of property that will allow it to work in conjunction with the RegionInfo class: nominal identifiers (such as the Name property) and numeric identifiers (such as LCID). Either approach will have the same ultimate result:
Get-MailboxStatistics -Database <server2\storage group\database> | Move-Mailbox ConfigurationOnly -TargetDatabase <server1\storage group\database>
Practice: Using Task Manager
Boolean value that indicates whether to use the IP address in the URL as opposed to a machine name. Specifies the computer name of the computer where the channel resides.
On-screen keyboard Character pad Writing pad
Exam Tip The Safe Mode and Last Known Good Configuration options are two of the most useful tools to try first when troubleshooting Windows startup. Enabling Boot Logging is also useful, typically when you are having trouble locating the source of the problem.
For more information about the parameters specified in the various replication agent profiles, search for Replication Agent Profiles in Books Online or access msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ ms151223(d=ide).aspx.
Lesson 2: XML Serialization
Unlike the code for opening a file for reading, this code actually creates a new file with a FileStream object ready to be written to. With the FileStream object in hand, you can write to the stream directly, if you want. More often, however, you will want to use a StreamWriter object to write data to the new file, as shown in this code:
Cluster Failover . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 301
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