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444 ChAPTER 11
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Object, Property, and Control Access Rights
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Managing Data Storage
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Setting Up the Snap-In for Remote Use
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To solve this problem, you can use the synchronization locks. In C#, you would use the lock keyword, and in Visual Basic it is the SyncLock keyword. We can change our Counter class to use a synchronization lock to solve this problem like so:
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Exam Highlights
C is the best answer. Adding the Write permission adds only that option for the user and no more. A and D would give more access than necessary, and B would reduce the security of the shares.
Objective 5.3 Answers 1.
It is considered poor design to make all your types visible to the COM+ environment. To make your custom type visible to COM+ you need to add the ComVisibleAttribute to your class. The ComVisibleAttribute can be found in the System.Runtime.InteropServices namespace.
Use the POLICY keyword to define a policy that the administrator can change. The policy editor displays the policy and its controls in a dialog box that the administrator uses to change the policies state and settings. You can include multiple POLICY keywords in a single category, but you don't need to include the KEYNAME keyword before each POLICY keyword. The most recent KEYNAME keyword applies for each policy. You end a policy with END POLICY. Each policy contains a VALUENAME keyword to associate a registry value with it. By default, the policy editor assumes it's a REG_DWORD value and stores 0x01 in it when you enable the policy. The policy editor also removes the value when you disable the policy. You must use the VALUEON and VALUEOFF keywords if you don't want the policy editor to remove the value when you disable the policy. You don't have to use any keywords other than VALUENAME to get this behavior. You can include optional PART keywords that specify additional options, however, such as drop down list boxes, check boxes, text boxes, and so on. You see these controls in the bottom part of the policy's dialog box (see Figure 6 3). Syntax
background refresh cycle but that do process when the computer starts up, such as computer Software Installation. This option has no effect if there are no extensions called that require the computer to be restarted. This displays help.
A logon message notifying a user that the user name or password is invalid
basicHttpBinding Binding
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