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1. A user calls the help desk at your organization and reports problems that you suspect might be related to changes that were recently made to Group Policy. You want to examine information regarding Group Policy processing on her system. Which tools can you use to gather this information remotely (Choose all that apply.) A. Group Policy Modeling Wizard B. Group Policy Results Wizard C. Gpupdate.exe D. Gpresult.exe E. Msconfig.exe 2. You are the administrator at Contoso, Ltd. The contoso.com domain has five GPOs linked to the domain, one of which configures the password-protected screen saver and screen saver timeout required by corporate policy. Some users report that the screen saver is not launching after 10 minutes as expected. How do you know when the GPO was applied A. Run Gpresult.exe for the users. B. Run Gpresult.exe computer. C. Run Gpresult scope computer. D. Run Gpupdate.exe /Target:User.
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Once the public folder is mail-enabled, you can manage the mail-specific settings for the public folder using the Set-MailPublic Folder command. For example, to limit the people that can send messages to the \HR-Folder public folder to members of the HRlist@tailspintoys.internal distribution list, execute the following command:
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Objective 3.4
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D. Incorrect: Breaking the mirror between the first and the third disks will not
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Creating a Remoting Server Application
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Many IT professionals are shy about using roaming user profiles because they have experience with the merge algorithm that Windows NT 4.0 uses. That algorithm assumes that there is a single, master copy of the user profile. When the user logs on to the computer, the operating system assumes that the master profile is on the local computer, and when the user logs off of the computer, it assumes that the master profile is on the server. It mirrors the entire profile from the local computer to the server and visa versa, completely replacing the profile at the target location. This works perfectly well when people use a single computer, but it creates havoc when they use multiple computers. The merge algorithm in Windows XP is more advanced; it merges user profiles at the file level. In other words, it's a real merge, not a wipe and load. The merged profile then becomes a superset of the files in the local and server copies of the user profile, and when a file exists in both copies, the operating system uses the most recent version of the file. New files don't turn up missing, and updated files are not replaced both of which are symptoms that occur with the merge algorithm in Windows NT 4.0. In the case of the Windows NT 4.0 merge, if a profile changes on two computers, only the last one copied to the network persists. 234
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1. Why should you implement a database security policy even before you ana lyze business requirements to modify that policy 2. Which type of network attacks can you thwart by applying the latest updates to Windows and SQL Server
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Understanding Codecs and Audio Compression
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Providing the Ribbon Resource
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Dim r As IAsyncResult = command1.BeginExecuteReader
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Several of the account properties are worth highlighting because they are potentially quite useful and are not self-explanatory. Table 3-2 describes these properties.
15. On the Group Policy tab, select Default Domain Controllers Policy and click Edit. 16. Navigate to Computer Configuration, Windows Settings, Security Settings, Local Policies, and, finally, Audit Policy. 17. Double-click the Audit Account Logon Events policy. 18. Select Define These Policy Settings, select both Success and Failure, and then click OK. 19. Double-click the Audit Logon Events policy. 20. Select Define These Policy Settings, select both Success and Failure, and then click OK. 21. Double-click the Audit Account Management policy. 22. Select Define These Policy Settings, select Success, and then click OK. 23. Close the Group Policy Object Editor window. 24. Click OK to close the Properties dialog box for the Domain Controllers Properties dialog box.
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Technical Requirements
Page 5-23
D. Incorrect: Although the Isafwse_####.log file can be used to verify installation, this is a complete log file of the entire installation, which is over 1 MB in size and is not as succinct as the Isawrap_###.log file for verification purposes.
Does not force privacy. Accepts private (encrypted) messages and nonprivate (nonencrypted) messages.
Lesson 4: Configuration Management
Moving Mailboxes and Implementing Bulk Management
Real World
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During installation, Windows XP Professional generates the BOOT.INI file, which contains Advanced RISC Computing (ARC) paths pointing to the computer s boot partition. (RISC stands for Reduced Instruction Set Computing, a microprocessor design that uses a small set of simple instructions for fast execution.) The following is an example of an ARC path:
Which of the following would appear in the Console window A. Hello World B. DemoFault returned C. FaultException returned D. CommunicationException returned
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