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Warnings and Agents Displays information about all agents associated with the publication, and allows you to specify warnings and alerts.
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The Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in enables you to modify the properties of multiple user objects simultaneously. Select several user objects by holding the Ctrl key as you click each user or using any other multiselection technique. Be certain that you select only objects of one class, such as users. After you have multiselected the objects, right-click any one of them and choose Properties. When you have multiselected the user objects, a subset of properties is available for modification.
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select Enable and click OK.
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DHCP Server Log Fields
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Identify and Troubleshoot Problems with Locally Attached Devices
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This chapter does not cover specific exam objectives. After introducing the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 family of products, this chapter covers some installation and configuration considerations with a focus on what you need to know for the 70-290 certi fication exam.
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Terminal Server
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Do you know what these key terms mean You can check your answers by looking up the terms in the glossary at the end of the book.
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Working with SSAS Data Mining
Objective 3.6
Which of the following statements are true of the permissions for the Sales Group (Choose all that apply.)
Now you re ready to create your instance. Remember that you need local administrative rights. 1. Open an elevated command prompt from the Start menu by right-clicking Command Prompt and selecting Run As Administrator. 2. In the command prompt window, move to the %SystemRoot%\ADAM folder. Type the following command, and then press Enter.
Creating Baselines for AD DS and DNS
MAK keys are special keys that allow an organization to perform multiple activations using a single key. MAK keys are similar to retail keys except that instead of allowing a single activation, they allow multiple activations from different computers to occur up to the limit defined by the particular key. The number of activations that a MAK key allows depends on the number you purchase when you obtain the key. You cannot recover an activation on a MAK key after you have consumed it. For example, if an organization uses a MAK key and replaces one computer running Windows 7 activated using a MAK key with another computer, the replacement computer consumes a new activation of the MAK key. In some scenarios, this circumstance makes KMS a preferred solution to MAK key activation. As a single key is used, you can add MAK keys images when deploying them centrally. When using the Sysprep utility to prepare an image, you add a MAK key to an image during the Specialize configuration pass. When performing a traditional installation, you can enter MAK keys in the same way that you would enter a retail key. The main issue that requires consideration when using a MAK key is how you will perform activation. You can activate a MAK key in one of two ways:
Objective 5.4
Data Sources permissions
8. Click Close when finished, and drag the new toolbar to an area of the interface to dock it.
Group Policy Infrastructure
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