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Working with Live Preview
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Log shipping operates by taking a continuous chain of transaction log backups against the primary database and applying them to the secondary database. To ensure that transaction log backups can be applied to the secondary database, you must ensure that both primary and secondary databases are synchronized. This lesson explains the process required to initialize a log shipping session.
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Lesson 3: Configuring Read-Only Domain Controllers
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Transport-Level Impersonation
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Full backup set
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Review the chapter summary. Review the list of key terms introduced in this chapter. Complete the case scenarios. These scenarios set up real-world situations involv ing the topics of this chapter and ask you to create a solution. Complete the suggested practices. Take a practice test.
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Open the cube in the Cube Designer, and then click the Browser tab. Click the Change User button on the toolbar to open the Security Context dialog box, shown in Figure 8-7.
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Client UI Thread Synchronous Call WCF Service Callback is waiting for the UI Thread to become available
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Case Scenario 1: Making Implicit Constraints Explicit
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Exam Tip
DialogResult aResult;
The CLR offers database developers a very powerful tool to solve many of the perplexing problems of the day. Understanding how the CLR functions and when to use CLR versus T-SQL code is an important part in the overall application design cycle.
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The VBScript equivalent is:
Implement Data Compression
Lesson 2: Optimizing Index Strategies
The process for flushing log records to disk is very similar to the way that data pages are written. The log manager is responsible for all writes for all transaction log records for all databases. When a request to flush all log records up to a certain LSN is requested by any worker on the system, the request is queued to the log manager. The worker then waits for a response from the log manager specifying that the I/O has completed successfully. The log manager retrieves from the queue and formats the request; it then posts the I/O on sector-aligned boundaries. The I/O is posted with WriteFile using the OVERLAPPED (async) mechanisms. The log manager can then return to service other queued requests. When the I/O is completed, the completion routine is run to check the success of the write. If the write is successful, the waiting workers can be signaled to continue their operations. Write ordering is critical at this stage. Because multiple log write requests can be posted for the same transaction log, the LSN order must be maintained. For example, pages 5, 10, and 20 are modified by separate transactions. Page 5 was modified first, then 10, and then 20. LSN flush requests occurred for page 5, 10, and 20 and were put in motion in the same order. If the log record(s) for page 5 and 20 are flushed to stable media, only the flush to LSN for page 5 is considered done and SQL Server might only flush page 5. The LSN 10 must be flushed to stable media before 10 and then 20 can be considered to be flushed to the LSN.
Configuring Firewall Client application settings
Lesson Review
Changing the Diffie-Hellman group to high increases security in two ways. First, larger prime numbers are used in the calculation of the master key; second, com munications can occur only with other computers running Windows Server 2003, because only they can use this parameter. Selecting the highest Diffie-Hellman group can cause problems because legitimate users might attempt connections using downlevel machines. It can also potentially affect performance, and the result is a larger key, and thus a longer time for encryption. 11. Click OK twice to return to the General tab. Then select the Rules tab. 12. Ensure that the Use Add Wizard box is selected and click Add to add a rule. The Create IP Security Rule Wizard launches. 13. Click Next on the Welcome page. 14. Click Next on the Tunnel Endpoint page. This policy will not use a tunnel. 15. On the Network type page, click Next to accept the default, All Network Connec tions. This policy remains effective no matter where the connection is coming from. 16. On the IP Filter List page, click Add to add a filter list.
Practice 1 Draw a diagram of the technical support hierarchy in your organization, specifying the nature of the tiers and the circumstances under which incidents are escalated.
A is correct: Smart displays are supported only by Windows XP Professional. B is incorrect because accompanying software is not necessary. C is incorrect because smart displays do not have to be in direct line of sight of the wireless access point. D is incorrect because the smart display cannot be determined to be defective if it cannot be installed.
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