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Exporting branches to hive files is similar to exporting them to REG files; you just pick a different file type. On Regedit's File menu, click Export. In the Save As Type list, click Registry Hive Files, type the name of the new hive file, and then click Save. Reverse the process to restore your settings: Click File, Import; then click Registry Hive Files in the Save As Type list, type the name of the hive file to which you backed up your settings, and then click Open. You can use any file extension you like, but I prefer to give hive files the .dat extension. The .hiv extension is also common for hive files. Don't confuse what you just learned about exporting and importing hive files with loading and unloading them. When you import a hive file, you're making changes to working parts of the registry. When you load a hive file, you're creating a whole new branch that Windows XP doesn't use. It doesn't read or change those settings, but they're visible in Regedit, so you can examine them. Unloading the hive file just unlinks the file from the registry. You can unload only hive files you manually loaded and not hive files Windows XP loaded. Whereas importing a hive file is a great way to restore an entire branch, loading a hive file is a good method to restore settings surgically or just to check an original value. First load the file in to the registry: Click either HKLM or HKU in Regedit; on the File menu, click Load, type the name of the hive file that contains your settings, and then click Open. Regedit prompts you for a key name, and you can type any arbitrary name that'll help you identify the hive. You'll then see that hive file under the root key into which you loaded it. Figure 3 2 on the next page is an example of loading a hive file that contains a backup copy of the key HKU \Control Panel\Desktop. Examine the setting in the hive file you loaded, or even copy the backup setting and then paste it over the current value. Don't forget to unload the hive, or else you won't be able to remove the file later.
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Lesson 1: Validating Data and Permissions
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1. Correct Answer: B A. Incorrect: The feature is not used very often. Creating multiple tabs requires users to deduce what they need to do and in what order. In addition, they don t know when they re done (the button is always enabled). B. Correct: A wizard will help guide users appropriately through this seldom-used feature. If they change their minds or make mistakes, they can also easily navigate backward and forward through the interface. Finally, they know when they re done by when the button enables. C. Incorrect: This form would increase power but also increase the need for user training. A wizard is a better choice. D. Incorrect: This approach requires a user to know something about each property and to find out how to interact with the form (through the context menu). 2. Correct Answers: B, C, and D A. Incorrect: A task pane can be helpful. However, it does not affect accessibility. B. Correct: Your application should not rely on one form of notification. You need visual cues for those without sound and audio cues for those who use the application and have limited vision. C. Correct: A high-contrast user interface can help users who have a hard time seeing color depths or grayscale. D. Correct: A larger font size can increase accessibility for those people who have a hard time reading small text on a computer screen. 3. Correct Answer: C A. Incorrect: The requirements define what you are going to create. They typically do not offer much in the way of how you should create or lay out the UI. B. Incorrect: It is stated that the current application is hard to use. It should not be considered as a good example of how to lay out the new version. C. Correct: The use cases will tell you how users think about their work. You will want to align the application s layout with these concepts. D. Incorrect: The ORMs provide the logical model of the system. They can help you see the principal perspectives and perhaps aid with defining key modules. However, they do not play as big a role as use cases when defining an intuitive layout.
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3. What variable can be used with the Dsmod and Dsadd commands to create userspecific home folders and profile folders a. %Username% b. $Username$ c. CN=Username d. <Username>
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folder subtree is also known as the Non_IPM_Subtree. Examples of system folders include the following:
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3. In the Active Directory Users And Computers snap-in, confirm that the membership of the Finance group consists of Tony Krijnen and the Accounting group.
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6. In the Shared Documents folder, from the Edit menu, select Paste.
Select the (70-686) Pro: Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Administrator lesson review to use the questions from the Lesson Review sections of this book. Select the (70-686) Pro: Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Administrator practice test to use a pool of 200 questions similar to those that appear on the 70-686 certification exam.
You can change the view in Device Manager by selecting a command from the View menu. Device Manager offers the following views:
DTA See Database Engine Tuning Advisor. Dynamic Management Functions (DMFs) A
Note that for clarity and simplicity, the CSV file is stored in the root of the C:\ drive in this example and in other examples in this chapter. If you were doing this in the real world, you would create a folder and folder path for storing your CSV files. Figure 1114 shows the contents of the QueueDetails.csv file in a spreadsheet. In this case, Excel was used to open the file, but CSV files can be used by a wide variety of Microsoft and third-party programs.
Perform a 3D flip to verify that Aero is functioning. Practice 2: Aero and 16-bit Color After verifying that Aero is functioning, set the graphics adapter to use 16-bit rather than 32-bit color. Note the effect of this action on Aero.
2. In which two ways can you force a network connection to attempt to renew its DHCP lease
When a DNS server loads a stub zone, it queries the zone s master server for the SOA resource record, NS resource records at the zone s root, and A resource records. During updates to the stub zone, the master server is queried by the DNS server hosting the stub zone for the same resource record types requested during the loading of the stub zone. The SOA resource record s refresh interval determines when the DNS server hosting the stub zone attempts a zone transfer (update). Should an update fail, the SOA resource record s retry interval determines when the update is retried. Once the retry interval has expired without a successful update, the expiration time as specified in the SOA resource record s Expires field determines when the DNS server stops using the stub zone data. You can use the DNS console to perform the following stub zone update operations:
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