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Disaster Recovery
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Dim last_name As New LastNameDelegate(AddressOf person.LastName)
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encounter while using automatic language detection is addressed in these two areas.
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Showplan XML Statistics Profile Captures the actual execution plan in XML for-
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d. Click OK to import the package into the msdb database. When you are prompted e. If you performed the deployment steps from 3, you are also prompted to
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A RIP routed environment is best suited to a small-to-medium-sized, multipath, dynamic IP internetwork:
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Lessons in this chapter:
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Application Domains and Services
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Tip As you complete the exercises in this practice, you will use the command prompt and Network Connections windows frequently. For the sake of efficiency, open the windows one time, and then minimize and restore them as necessary.
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In this exercise, you set up SSAS query logging to capture user queries against the databases on the SSAS instance.
End Function End Module //C# using System; using System.Messaging; namespace QueueSender { class Program { private const string cQueueName = @".\private$\ShippingInbox"; static void Main(string[] args)
Note Plug and Play devices have a Use Automatic Settings option, which allows Windows XP to determine the resource assignments for the device. Unless you have a compelling reason to do otherwise, you should always choose Use Automatic Settings if the option is available. This allows the operating system to ensure that resource assignments do not conflict.
Case Scenario: Designing a SQL Server Environment
Property Icon Text Visible
In this lab, you will work with the Data contract related attributes and use them to define a Data contract. In the second exercise, you will declare that the XmlSerializer is to be used in a situation when the DataContractSerializer won t emit the XML that is required at the wire-level transport layer. If you have a problem completing the exercises, you can find completed solution files in the /After folder. As with the first lab, this lab requires you to start a WCF service, so you need to have the appropriate permissions to do so. Therefore, you might run Visual Studio as an Administrator. Exercise 1 Define and Use an Extensible Data Contract In this exercise, you improve upon the Task Manager service built in Lesson 1 by using Data contracts to design extensible message formats to flow in and out of the service as opposed to just taking multiple parameters, as was used in that lesson. Note that this is very much in keeping with the Real World sidebar at the start of this chapter, namely, that you want to conceive of services as endpoints out on the network, with business documents flowing into and out of them as the message body. In this case, the Data contracts are the WCF mechanism for describing the structure of these documents. It also gives you a chance to use the IExtensibleObject mechanism for handling roundtrip extensibility problems. 1. Navigate to the <InstallHome>/1/Lesson2/Exercise1/<language>/Before directory and double-click the Exercise1.sln file to open the solution in Visual Studio. 2. The solution consists of three projects: a. The ServiceConsoleHost project, which is a simple console application used to host your first service b. The TaskClient project, which is a Windows Forms application that enables you to consume your first service c. The Tasks.Services project, which is a class library project that initially contains only an incomplete definition of the Task Manager service 3. Add a new Class Library project to the solution and call it Tasks.Entities. This is where you define your Data contracts.
Requirement 2
Figure 5-32
The most common reasons for a failed logon for a domain user are network con nectivity issues and attempting to log on to the wrong domain.
5. Select the Profile account s user profile. 6. Click Copy To. 7. In the Copy Profile To frame, type \\server01\profiles\hcarbeck. 8. In the Permitted To Use section, click Change. 9. Type Hank and click OK. 10. Confirm the entries in the Copy To dialog box and click OK. 11. After the profile has copied to the network, click OK twice to close the User Profiles and System Properties dialog boxes. 12. Open the C:\Profiles folder to verify that the profile folder Hcarbeck was created. 13. Open Active Directory Users And Computers and, in the tree pane, select the Employees OU. 14. Open the properties of Hank Carbeck s user object. 15. Click the Profile tab. 16. In the Profile Path field, type \\server01\profiles\%username%. 17. Click Apply and confirm that the %Username% variable was replaced by hcarbeck. It is important that the profile path match the actual network path to the profile folder. 18. Click OK. 19. Test the success of the preconfigured roaming user profile by logging off and logging on with the user name hank.carbeck@contoso.com. You should see the desktop modifications that you made while logged on as the Profile account.
Configuring SQL Server 2005
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