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You need to implement change control procedures for the various stages of database operations. You can limit ad hoc changes to database structures by using DDL Triggers. You can also audit the use of SQL Server 2005 permissions to help you verify that users with these permissions are observing database change control procedures. If you are optimizing a database change control strategy to meet business requirements, you need to identify the database objects related to the particular deployment. If the database is large or if the list of objects changes frequently, using stored procedures can save time and effort. All communications between the developers and the DBA team must be implemented either by e-mail or by signed forms. A paper trail, either electronic or physical, must exist at all stages. You can create a migration script to convert one database s structure to match that of another. print barcode
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Figure 4-2 Shell Folder
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Configuring NAT
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Lesson 1: Creating Effective Unit Tests
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' VB Public ReadOnly Property FirstName() As String
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Time Proximity Scalability Complexity How fast the failover operation is
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ByVal e As System.Drawing.Printing.PrintPageEventArgs)
To gain further knowledge on the subject of working with connections, complete the following practices.
Security objects Linked servers SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages Endpoints SQL Server Agent objects Instance-level data definition language (DDL) triggers Replication
How to Schedule a Task
To Create a Project that References a Strong-Named Assembly 1. Log on to your computer as StandardUser. 2. Use Microsoft Windows Explorer to copy C:\Key\Contoso.dll to C:\Assembly \Contoso.dll, overwriting the partially signed assembly with the strong-named assembly. 3. Use Microsoft Visual Studio .NET to create a new Windows Forms project in either C# or Visual Basic .NET. Name the project Calculator.
Figure 5-3
3. You have a database of users that is capable of exporting CSV files. Can you use such a file, or must you create an *.ldf file manually for importing
Lesson 2: Diagnosing Physical Server Failures
Implementing Code Access Security
Create a DataSet graphically. Create a DataSet programmatically. Add a DataTable to a DataSet. Add a relationship between tables within a DataSet. Navigate a relationship between tables. Merge DataSet contents. Copy DataSet contents. Create a typed DataSet. Create DataTables. Manage data within a DataTable. Create and use DataViews. Represent data in a DataSet by using XML. Use the OleDbDataAdapter object to access an ADO Recordset or Record. Generate DataAdapter commands automatically by using the CommandBuilder object.
Fixed Database Role db_accessadmin
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