Supporting Local Users and Groups in visual basic

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Send To Contains shortcuts to document-handling utilities, such as e-mail appli cations. These shortcuts are displayed on the Send To option on the Action menu for files and folders. This folder is hidden. Start Menu Holds the shortcuts to programs that are displayed in the Start menu. One way to modify the Start menu is to add or delete folders and shortcuts to the Start Menu folder within a user s profile folder. Templates Contains template items that are created by user applications and are used by those applications when a user creates a new document. This folder is hidden. NTUSER.DAT The user-specific portion of the Registry. This file contains config uration changes made to Windows Explorer and the taskbar, as well as userspecific Control Panel and Accessories settings. These settings are visible under HKEY_CURRENT_USER in the Registry. NTUSER.DAT.LOG A log file used as part of the process of committing changes to NTUSER.DAT and also in the recovery of NTUSER.DAT if the computer crashes.
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Dim FileStream As New IO.FileStream _
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Managing and Maintaining a Server Environment (4.0)
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exec spGetPriorProduct 'BB-7421'
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' VB Me.Text = "J and J's Wine Shop Main Page" // C# this.Text = "J and J's Wine Shop Main Page";
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2. You re setting up a printer pool on a computer running Windows Server 2003. The printer pool contains three print devices, all identical. You open the properties for the printer and select the Enable Printer Pooling option on the Ports tab. What must you do next a. Configure the LPT1 port to support three printers. b. Select or create the ports mapped to the three printers. c. On the Device Settings tab, configure the installable options to support two additional print devices.
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The Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard is shown in Figure 10-1.
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Second-Level Domain
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the correct dates will narrow the report to the specific period of interest.
There are only two differences between configuring a site-to-site VPN using IPSec tunnel mode and configuring a PPTP or L2TP/IPSec based VPN.
Configure Access to Shared Folders
Implement session state by using the Session object. Implement session state by using the Application object. Implement session state by using cookies. Configure a Web service application by using a Web.config file. Configure a Web service application by using a Machine.config file.
Configuring ISA Server as a Firewall
Sub Main() Dim os As OrderService = New OrderService() Console.WriteLine("Serviced Component is created.") Console.ReadKey() End Sub
Lesson Review
Correct Answers: A
Whether the local area network (LAN) is separated into subnets. This information can be used when deciding on the zones you may wish to create and the zone transfer method you will select, and it may help you to decide whether a subdo main should be created.
Practice 1: Use the Command-Line Debugging Tools Become familiar wit h all t he switches available with ping, tracert, arp, ipconfig, and pathping. Use the command-line help (for example, ping / ). Practice 2: Find Faults by Using Windows Network Diagnostics Generate some faults on your interfaces (for example, by unplugging Ethernet cables and misconfiguring adapters). Use the Network Diagnostic tool to find these faults. Practice 3: Investigate the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security Tool Become familiar with this powerful and complex tool, which this chapter introduced only briefly. This practice should set you up nicely to tackle the next chapter, Configuring Firewall and Remote Access Settings.
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