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Viewing configuration options
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Correct Answers: A and B A. Correct: The computer s BIOS must support booting from the CD-ROM, and the BIOS must be configured to boot from the CD-ROM first, followed by the hard drive or floppy drive. B. Correct: In situations where a computer does not contain a bootable CD-ROM, you can create the floppy diskettes that will start the computer and then initiate an installation from the CD-ROM. C. Incorrect: Windows XP can be installed by creating the floppy diskettes that will start the computer and then initiate an installation from the CD-ROM drive. D. Incorrect: After verifying that the BIOS supports booting from the CD-ROM drive, you must confirm that the CD-ROM boots first, followed by the hard drive or floppy drive. If the BIOS is configured to boot from the hard drive first, the computer will never boot from the CD-ROM unless you were performing a clean install in which the hard drive did not contain a bootable partition or operating system.
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Edge Transport servers are often used as a blockade point for incoming and outgoing mail, ensuring that the mail is checked for viruses or unsolicited commercial e-mail, known colloquially as spam, prior to leaving the perimeter network. If problematic messages can be discarded on the perimeter of your organization s network, they will not clog up your internal mail infrastructure. If only 50 percent of the mail that is addressed to your organization is spam, dealing with it at the edge of your organization s network will halve the load on the rest of your mail infrastructure. The main consideration with Edge Transport servers is that this role can be installed only if other roles are not present. Edge Transport servers should be placed only on perimeter networks. If your organization has no perimeter network, you should install the Hub Transport server role instead.
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Network Monitor (Netmon) is a protocol analyzer that you can use to analyze network traffic. By default, it is not installed during the installation of your operating system. You can install it by using the Windows Components Wizard available through the Add Or Remove Programs tool in Control Panel. Figure 9-34 shows the tools available when you select the Management And Monitoring Tools check box and click Details. If you select Network Monitor Tools, this results in the installation of both Network Monitor and Network Monitor Driver.
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To complete the lessons in this chapter, you must have:
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1. Which method of authentication will you recommend for Northwind Traders wireless implementation in each location Why
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The Options dialog has a tab called Backup Log. Logging alerts you to problems that might threaten the viability of your backup, so consider your logging strategy as well as your overall backup plan. Although detailed logging will list every file and path that was backed up, the log is so verbose you are likely to overlook problems. Therefore, summary logging is recommended, and is the default. Summary logs report skipped files and errors. The system will save 10 backup logs to the path %UserProfile%\Local Settings \Application Data\Microsoft\Windows NT\Ntbackup\Data. There is no way to change the path or the number of logs that are saved before the oldest log is replaced. You can, of course, include that path in your backup and thereby back up old logs.
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Public Class Program
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A companion CD and an evaluation software DVD are included with this training kit. The companion CD contains the following
Along with the COM component, there is also an interop assembly that needs to be deployed. The interop assembly doesn t contain any implementation code but instead contains a description of the data types that are implemented in the COM component with which it s related. There are two types of interop assemblies in .NET:
Installing and Configuring Applications
In this exercise, you will create a data flow that loads new records into the DimCustomer table of the AdventureWorksDW2008 database and that performs updates for existing records.
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rather than the Information and Warning Events in which you are interested.
There are several reasons why it is a best practice to create a computer account in the domain prior to joining a machine to the domain. The first reason relates to the fact that if an account is not created in advance, one will be generated automatically when the computer joins the domain, and that account will be located in the default Computers container. The result is that computer policies, which are typically linked to specific OUs, will not apply to the newly joined computer. And, because most organizations do have specific OUs for computers, you are left with an extra step to remember: moving the computer object to the correct OU after joining the domain. Finally, by creating a computer object in advance, you can specify which groups (or users) are allowed to join a system to the domain with that account. In short, you have more flexibility and control during deployment.
Lesson Review
Monitoring the Registry
The SMTP Message Screener log information is saved by default in the W3C file format. It cannot be saved to a database format.
Review the results and notice that only one row is returned for each row in the source table, rather than a row for every intermediate modification.
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