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Software Implementations of RAID
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Search URLs are a convenient way to use different Internet search engines. For example, you might have a search URL called news that searches Google Groups. Type news Jerry Honeycutt in the address bar to automatically search Google Groups for all UseNet articles that contain the words Jerry and Honeycutt. HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchURL is where you create search URLs. If you don't see this subkey, create it. Then add a subkey for each search prefix you want to use. To use the example I just gave, create the subkey news. Set the default value of the prefix's subkey to the URL of the search engine. Use %s as a placeholder for the search string. Internet Explorer replaces 99
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CREATE USER user_name FOR LOGIN login_name
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Figure 2-3
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As with the ConcurrencyMode property in the ServiceBehavior, there are three possible values: Single, Multiple, and Reentrant.
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A serviced component is a .NET assembly that relies on COM+ to provide transaction management, object pooling, activation, and other related functionality. At an implementation level, it is a class that uses the System.EnterpriseServices.ServicedComponent class as a base class. Once installed, the component is hosted by a COM+ application. Access by any application to the types exposed by the service component is done through COM+. As a result, COM+ needs to have access to the assembly, which places a couple of demands on the deployment, specifically the following:
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Leaving the default setting of Overwrite Events As Needed on the Security log could overwrite important resource access or other security-related data if the log is not checked often. A regular schedule of analysis is recommended. Log files can be archived (that is, saved to disk) if needed for record-keeping or other administrative purposes. For better assurance that no Security log entries have been lost, Windows Server 2003 Group Policy provides a setting in the Computer Configuration Policy: Security Settings that will force a computer to shutdown if it is unable to write to the Security log with audit information. This set ting forces disciplined administrative practice if the Security log is set to be cleared manually.
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Troubleshooting Lab
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Real World
USMT allows you to automate the process of migrating user profile data. In this set of practice exercises, you perform several steps that you would perform with USMT when preparing to migrate profile data. These include creating an estimate of the size of the migration store, creating a custom XML file that has the location of any nonstandard document directories and then creating an encrypted migration store.
Import-CSV C:\IdentifyUsers.csv | ForEach-Object Process {Set-Mailbox Identity $_.Identity MaxReceiveSize 2MB}
Lesson Summary
Resolving Common Internet Connectivity Calls (cable and DSL)
Lesson 1: Managing a Background Process with the BackgroundWorker Component
Correct Answers: C A. Incorrect: You can choose to activate the product by telephone instead of over the Internet. B. Incorrect: Windows XP must be activated within a 30-day period after installa tion. C. Correct: Windows XP can be activated at a later time by selecting Start, All Programs, System Tools, and then clicking on the Activate Windows option. You can then select an option to activate using the telephone. D. Incorrect: You must activate Windows XP within 30 days from the first boot up of the operating system.
Disk Virtual Hard Disk 1 Virtual Hard Disk 2 Virtual Hard Disk 3 Virtual Hard Disk 4
Lesson 1: Configuring Windows Update
Desktop toolbar allows a user to easily access items on the desktop by clicking the
Managing SSAS Storage, Processing, and Deployment
Provides the name for the attribute. Determines whether the attribute represents the key for the dimension, defines a parent-child hierarchy, or is a regular attribute. Specifies the column(s) to use as the unique key for the members of the attribute. Specifies the column that provides name values for the members of the attribute; NameColumn is optional. Determines whether the attribute is enabled as a hierarchy; this must be True if the attribute will be used in a multilevel hierarchy. Determines whether the attribute can be seen and selected by end users as a single-level hierarchy. Specifies whether measures aggregate across the members of the attribute into an all level. Determines whether the members of the attribute are ordered by its own key or name column or by the key or name column of a related attribute. Provides the name of the attribute that determines ordering, if ordering is provided by a related attribute. Specifies the type of information contained by the attribute.
Defining Encryption
Lesson 2: Configuring Internet Explorer 7+
Table 10-3
Manage and Troubleshoot Access to Shared Folders
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