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Practice 3: Change the drive letter of your CD-ROM disk to T: and then change it back. Practice 4: On a test computer with multiple hard disks, upgrade a basic disk other than the system disk to a dynamic disk. Afterward, note whether you can downgrade the disk back to a basic disk.
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CopyOfDataSet = OriginalDataSet.Copy();
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your job to troubleshoot this error, you have to understand what calculation the user is trying to make, look up the correct formula in the Help files or create your own, or rewrite the formula that the user has already written. Excel offers some help as well, and sometimes that help is sufficient. Figure 7-9 shows an example of an error message. Notice that there is a box next to the error, and clicking the arrow in this box opens the drop-down menu shown. It is an error in value, and there are options to get help for the error, show calculation steps, edit the formula in the Formula bar, and more. Generally, selecting Help On This Error is the best choice for beginners.
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Figure 6-26
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Restricted Groups
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In general, because item-level roles are cumulative, for each department s folder, you can assign the Browser role to the Active Directory group that represents the employees of each division. Additionally, you can add the Browser role to each person who needs access to more than one department s folder. To allow access to the Oracle databases, you will need to define a user with low-level privileges and store the credentials for that user in Report Server. For the SQL Server databases, given the fact that Adventure Works uses a Windows domain, you can enable Kerberos and use the Integrated Windows Authentication mechanism.
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18 Managing and Implementing Disaster Recovery (5.0)
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Case Scenario 1: Defragmenting an Index
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DDL trigger A trigger that executes in response to a DDL event. Deterministic function A function that returns the same value every time it is executed given the same input parameters. Dialog A conversation between two specific Service Broker services that provides exactly-once-in-order (EOIO) message delivery. Distributed partitioned view A special case of a partitioned view where the member tables are stored on multiple SQL Server instances. DML trigger A trigger that executes in response to a DML event.
Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-21
Subnet Mask
CreationDate datetime NOT NULL)
When it comes to BULK INSERT security, there are a few things to note, especially because SQL Server 2005 handles security differently from SQL Server 2000. SQL Server 2005 varies from SQL Server 2000 in how it verifies file access permissions. In SQL Server 2000, it didn t matter what type of login was used (Windows user or SQL login); the BULK INSERT command would access the import file by using the security privileges of the SQL Server service account. This was a potential security issue that might allow users to get access to a file that their Windows user accounts could not get to directly. In SQL Server 2005, using an integrated login, the BULK INSERT command uses the file access privileges of the user account that is executing the query, not the SQL Server service account. The only exception to this is if SQL Server is operating in Mixed Mode, and the BULK INSERT command is executed by a SQL Server login that does not map to a Windows user account. In this case, SQL Server still uses the file access permissions of the SQL Server service account. In addition, to use the BULK INSERT command, the user executing the BULK INSERT command must have at least INSERT and ADMINISTER BULK OPERATION permissions. And if the BULK INSERT command will suspend trigger execution, suspend constraint checking, or use the KEEPIDENTITY option, the user must also have ALTER TABLE permissions.
Is enabled by default for all network connections. This differs from Internet Connection Firewall, which was not enabled by default.
Table 4-21 LinkedList Properties
You can toggle between the original summary pane view and the three-pane view by double-clicking any frame in the summary pane. The three-pane view includes the summary pane, the details pane, and the hexadecimal (hex) pane. Figure 9-38 shows the three-pane view of the Frame Viewer window.
7. On the Completing The New Server Publishing Rule Wizard page, review the settings and click Finish. 8. Configure another server publishing rule named Coho Vineyard VPN Server that uses the PPTP Server protocol to enable connections to 9. Configure another server publishing rule named Coho Vineyard Remote Desktop Server that uses the RDP (Terminal Services) Server to enable connections to 10. Click Apply to apply the changes.
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