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For transactional replication, performance quality is determined by the latency threshold. If the threshold is not set, a value is not displayed. Table 10-2 shows the correlation between the threshold and the performance quality value. For example, if the threshold is set to 60 seconds and the actual latency is 45 seconds, latency is 75 percent of the threshold, resulting in a value of Fair.
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CAS is a new type of security system, and you must use new tools to administer it. The preferred tool for manually configuring CAS is the .NET Framework Configuration tool, a graphical tool that you can use to configure security policies, code groups, and permission sets. If you need to configure CAS from a command line or a batch file, you can use the Code Access Security Policy tool, also known as Caspol. Caspol provides similar functionality to the .NET Framework Configuration tool but is easier to automate. qr code reader free
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' VB Sub Main() Dim proxy As TaskManagerServiceClient proxy = New TaskManagerServiceClient() Try Dim task As New Task() task.CreatedBy = "Eric"
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You can use the Process Object column to select the objects you want to process. Figure 7-24 shows the Adventure Works cube and all of its containing objects. Because, in this case, the cube contains the rest of the objects, you can select just the Adventure Works cube to process all objects, or you can select objects to be processed and leave the others in an unprocessed state.
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Why This Matters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-3
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A printer pool is one logical printer that supports multiple physical printers, attached to the server, attached to the network, or a combination thereof. When you create a printer pool, users documents are sent to the first available printer the logical printer representing the pool automatically checks for an available port. Printer pooling is configured from the Ports tab of the printer s Properties dialog box. To set up printer pooling, select the Enable Printer Pooling check box, and then select or add the ports containing print devices that will be part of the pool. Figure 8-8 shows a printer pool connected to three network-attached printers.
After a developer creates a partially signed assembly, the key manager must sign the assembly using a key pair generated by the Sn tool. This key pair must include both the private and public keys. To re-sign a partially signed assembly using a key pair file, issue the following command:
created by the database administrator to group secondary files. A database can contain up to 32,766 user-defined filegroups.
Supporting Windows XP File and Folder Access
Using UsMT
Result of query that uses the nodes() method
Lesson Review
System state information is important although it cannot be captured as is through Windows Server Backup. It can, however, be restored because Windows Server Backup supports three restore modes:
Dim NorthwindDataSet1 As New NorthwindDataSet
You are a developer for a large retail food organization that operates hundreds of stores throughout the United States. Additionally, the food chain maintains a retail Web site to accommodate Internet users. The Web site uses a series of Web services, which allow Internet customers to place orders with a particular store and have the food delivered to them. The only clients to access the Web services do so using the ASP.NET application designed by your company.
Table 13-3 StructLayoutAttribute Definition
The command-line parameters of Rqc.exe are as follows:
How would you configure these programs within Internet Explorer
Projecting growth rates
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