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In this practice session, you will create a room mailbox for a room called Auditorium. The room has a network projector, so you create a custom property called NetworkProjector and add it to the room mailbox properties.
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398 ChAPTER 10
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Use SQL Server Profiler to connect to SSAS. In SSMS, connect to the Database Engine. Right-click the dbo.FactInternetSales table in the AdventureWorksDW2008 database, and then click Open Table to browse its data. Go to the last record in dbo.FactInternetSales, and then change the value in the Sales Amount column for example, you might increase it by 1,000. Navigate back to SQL Server Profiler. You should see a trace notification event, and in 10 seconds, additional events should follow, signaling that the server has started processing the MOLAP cache. In the Browser tab in the Cube Designer, refresh the report, and notice that the Internet Sales Amount total for year 2004 has changed. This is because when proactive caching is enabled, the server automatically rebuilds the affected multidimensional structures.
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The ability to set the dots-per-inch in the Display Control Panel applet is not new. However, in the Windows 7 time frame, many more systems will use a higher DPI setting than the default 96 DPI. In the past, to make the text and icons larger the user could change the screen resolution. CRT-based monitors handle different resolution settings easily and provide a good quality picture. LCD monitors do not handle very well a resolution that is different from their natural resolution of an exact one-to-one pixel mapping. To get a large-enough picture that is smooth, you need to have more pixels per letter or icon. The way to do that is to set the screen DPI to a higher value. When you install Windows 7 as a clean install, the system chooses the best DPI setting according to the monitor ability. Also, in Windows 7, it s easier to find how to change the DPI setting3. The setting is per user, and it does not require a reboot, just logging off the user.
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Tool Rename Extract Method Promote Local Variable to Parameter Reorder Parameters
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Full Name You can also enter the user s complete name. This is optional infor mation that helps to identify the user more clearly. The full name does not have any functional relationship to the logon user name. Description The description is also optional and is used for informational pur poses only. You could enter a user s title, department, or any other information that you think is appropriate. Password Passwords can be up to 128 characters in length and are case sensi tive. You must confirm the entry of the password to ensure that no typing errors were made in the initial password entry. For more information about passwords, see the Real World sidebar, Creating Strong Passwords. User Must Change Password At Next Logon This option, which is selected by default, configures Windows XP to prompt users to change the password the next time that they log on. It is a good idea to specify this setting for new user accounts. You can assign all user accounts the same initial password and then have users change their password to something more appropriate for them. User Cannot Change Password This option prevents users from ever changing their passwords. This option is not selected by default and is rarely used because it is a good security practice to have users change their passwords regularly. However, sometimes you might want the administrator to be in control of the passwords, such as for the Guest account or for other accounts that could be shared by multiple users. This option is not available if the User Must Change Password At Next Logon option is selected. Password Never Expires This option overrides any password expiration poli cies that are configured by using Local Security Policy or Group Policy. For more information, see Lesson 3, Supporting Security Settings and Local Security Policy. This option is not available if the User Must Change Password At Next Logon option is selected. Account Is Disabled This option prevents the account from being used for logon purposes. If a user tries to log on as a disabled account, that user will receive an error message and is not granted access. For security purposes, you may choose to leave all new user accounts disabled until the first time the user needs access. This is especially true if you assign all new users the same password (that password will be commonly known in your organization).
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Informational Notes
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In this practice, you will install a network adapter, change the Driver Signing Options, and then return the computer to its default configuration.
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Users on the internal network must also be able to a access company Web site located on a Web server in the perimeter network. Users on the Internet must be able to access the Exchange server on the internal network using Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA). The connection must be secured from the client to the Exchange server using SSL. Users on the Internet must be able to access a secure Web site located on a Web server in perimeter network. The connection must be secured from the client to the Web server using SSL. Access to the secure Web site must be restricted to domain user accounts.
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RemoteApp itself requires only the RDS Remote Desktop Session Host role service.
Resume-Queue Retry-Queue
"SELECT CustomerID, CompanyName, City " & _
What do these results tell you (Choose all that apply.) A. The computer is configured to connect to a DHCP server. B. The computer is not configured to connect to a DHCP server. C. The computer is successfully connecting to a DHCP server. D. The computer is not successfully connecting to a DHCP server.
Enterprise Policy Rules Applied Before Array Firewall Policy
Practice tests
Private Network Addressing
Review the chapter summary. Review the list of key terms introduced in this chapter. Complete the case scenario. This scenario sets up a real-world situation involving the topics of this chapter and asks you to create a solution. Complete the suggested practices. Take a practice test.
B. Correct: A DNS failure would prevent access to all Web sites, not just those protected
To further practice and reinforce the skills you learned in this chapter, you can do any of the following tasks:
Specifying a custom view
Moving Disks to Another Computer
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