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namespace MSLearning.5.ClientTcp
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ASPNET Account (IIS 5.0) or Network Service Account (IIS 6.0) Minimum Permissions Read Read Read Read Read Read Read No Access No Access Read No Access No Access Read No Access No Access
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Data Types
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Case Scenario 2: Monitoring Old Servers
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When you create a volume, the next available drive letter is assigned to the volume. The New Volume Wizard and New Partition Wizard give you a chance to specify an alternative representation for the new logical volume. You can also right-click an existing volume and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths. A volume can be represented by only one drive letter, though you can configure a volume to have no drive letter. However, you can mount a volume in one or more empty folders on local NTFS volumes. In the Change Drive Letter And Paths dialog box, you can click Remove or Change to delete or modify an existing drive letter or folder mounting for the volume.
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and then click Next. This option provides steps to create the distribution database. If you want to use a remote server, there is no need to create the distribution database.
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Lesson 1: Configuring and Troubleshooting User Account Control
F. Help And Support Center
Committing and Unmounting Images
The Visual Effects tab of the Performance Options dialog box provides a number of options that allow you to manually control the visual effects on your computer. The Advanced tab of the Performance Options dialog box allows you to adjust the application response, which is the priority of foreground applications versus background applications, and virtual memory.
Guidelines for Choosing a VPN Tunneling Protocol
Setup does not use Dynamic Update to download any updates that are not already included on the installation CD, so even if you use Dynamic Update, you should still use the Windows Update site or the Windows Automatic Updates feature to obtain critical updates following installation. You will learn more about updating Windows in Lesson 6, Activating and Updating Windows XP Professional.
Figure 11-1 Number of features per Office Word version
SQL Server Integration Services
Lesson Summary
Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is correct or incorrect are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
Security options apply to the entire system rather than to a particular user. All users on the computer will be affected by security options. You can configure options such as prompting users to change their passwords a certain number of days before they expire and displaying a message to the users at logon. There are many security options available. Important settings include the following:
Objective 3.1
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