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The answers to these questions tell you how long the user has had this problem, whether the problem occurred after the user installed a new piece of hardware or a new application, and whether the user routinely maintains the computer. If the prob lem occurred after installing or uninstalling hardware or software, you have a good lead. Asking pointed questions about maintenance can also be helpful for finding out whether the user has recently cleaned out program or system folders, or has deleted any necessary files.
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Figure 5-5 shows the result of this operation.
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A data source is an SSIS project object. Data sources contain connection strings that point to files or databases, and you can reference them within one or more packages. Data sources are optional within SSIS, but they are beneficial during development if you have a large number of packages that need to use the same database or file connection. Using a data source also helps if you need to change a connection used in many packages. You simply change the data source once and then open each package in your project, which will automatically synchronize the connection string stored in the package with the data source.
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Additional resources on .NET Framework cryptography
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Key Dynamic Management Views for Diagnosing Problems
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When SQL Server returns a warning or an error, the .NET Framework Data Provider for SQL Server creates and throws a SqlException that you can catch in your applica tion to deal with the problem. When SqlException is thrown, inspect the SqlException .Errors property to access the collection of errors that are returned from the SQL server. The SqlException.Errors property is a SqlErrorCollection class (a collection of SqlError classes) that always contains at least one SqlError object.
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Floppy or USB disk inserted If you see an error message stating that there is a nonsystem disk or a disk error, or stating that no operating system could be found, a common reason is that a floppy disk or a universal serial bus (USB) flash memory disk is inserted in the drive during startup. On most computers, BIOS is configured by default to try starting using the floppy drive or an available USB drive before it attempts to start by using the hard drive.
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To further practice and reinforce the skills you learned in this chapter, you can perform the following tasks:
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Enterprise Edition Estimated lesson time: 45 minutes
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8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
Both This Domain And The Specified Domain establishes both sides of the trust. This requires that you have permission to create trusts in both domains.
Handling the DragEnter Event
Lesson 1: Evaluating Security Threats
Installing and Configuring Applications
Recovering Lost Files
Introduction to ISA Server 2004
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
For the exam, remember that UNIX-based DNS servers running Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) 8.1.2 or later can accept dynamic updates.
// C# [TestMethod()] public void ProcessInvoiceTest() { }
Implementing Impersonation
Click Go, and then wait until the Web service description is retrieved. In the Web Reference Name box, type myreportserver, and then click the Add Reference button. Double-click the Reports form to open the code window for this form so that you can create the load method for the form. Before the first row of code, add a row to import the MicrosoftReportViewer Windows control namespace, as follows:
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