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CustomersDataGridView.CurrentRow.Cells["CustomerID"].Value.ToString(); // Using the SelectedCustomerID get the selected row. NorthwindDataset.CustomersRow SelectedRow = NorthwindDataset1.Customers.FindByCustomerID(SelectedCustomerID); return SelectedRow;
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On the Create Testing Set page, set the percentage of data for testing to 0. Because this is not a predictive model, you do not need the testing set. Click Next. On the Completing The Wizard page, type tK448 ch09 forecasting as the name of the mining structure and tK448 ch09 forecasting time series as the name of the model, and then click Finish. Save, deploy, and process the project. Do not exit BIDS.
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Configuring and Managing ISA Server 2004 (3.0)
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In addition to KPIs, you can take advantage of other user-oriented features to help you extend the functionality of a cube. For example, you can implement actions to request URL resources, to drill down into data, and to launch a SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) report. You can localize the cube metadata and data to target international users. And you can use perspectives to provide subviews of large and complex cubes.
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To help you master the exam objectives presented in this chapter, do all of the following practices:
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Creating Multiple Mailbox-Enabled Users
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Collections and Generics
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Practice 1: Creating, Testing, and Removing a DDL Trigger
Lesson Review
figure 8-11 Initiate the Reseller Details drillthrough action and notice that, by default, a role is denied cube drillthrough access.
Because an IF statement conditionally executes only the next line of code, you have a problem when you want to execute an entire block of code conditionally. The BEGIN. . .END statement allows you to delimit code blocks that should execute as a unit, as shown here:
2. Which of the following sentences are true regarding authentication modes (Choose all that apply.) A. Windows authentication is the preferred authentication mode. B. Mixed Mode authentication does not let you apply password policies. C. Windows authentication is the default authentication mode. D. Mixed Mode authentication is the default authentication mode. 3. Which of the following statements let you create a SQL Server login called Peter (Choose all that apply.) A. CREATE LOGIN Peter FROM SQL B. CREATE LOGIN Peter WITH PASSWORD= Pa$$w0rd C. EXEC sp_addlogin Peter , Pa$$w0rd D. EXEC sp_grantlogin Peter , Pa$$w0rd
All. The broadcast packet (IP lease discover) is received by all DHCP servers. The DHCP client selects the IP address from the first DHCP it receives it from, and all other DHCP servers withdraw their offers.
To complete the lessons in this chapter, you must have
The reflection system in .NET is used to interrogate types in the type system as well as to create code on the fly. At its root, reflection presents code as an object model. From assemblies and models all the way down to the individual statements that are part of a line of code, reflection allows you to both interrogate and generate code in .NET.
1. From the Start menu, select Internet Explorer. 2. On the Tools menu, select Internet Options. 3. In the Internet Options dialog box, on the General tab, in the Temporary Internet Files section, click the Delete Cookies button. 4. In the Delete Cookies message box, click OK.
Disables application resizing because of
Lesson 3
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