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The Panel control creates a subsection of a form that can host other controls. The Panel can be indistinguishable from the rest of the surrounding form, or it can be sur rounded by a border as determined by the BorderStyle property. A Panel can have a BorderStyle property of None, which indicates no border; FixedSingle, which indicates a single edge around the Panel; or Fixed3D, which represents a border with a threedimensional appearance. The Panel control is a scrollable control, which means that it supports horizontal and vertical scroll bars. Controls can be hosted in the Panel outside of its visible bounds. When the AutoScroll property is set to True, scroll bars will automatically be available if any controls are placed outside of the visible bounds of the control. If the AutoScroll property is set to False, controls outside the visible bounds of the panel are inaccessi ble. Important properties of the Panel control are shown in Table 1-5.
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Lesson 1: Reading and Writing XML with the XmlReader and XmlWriter Classes
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You could import this file into Active Directory using the command:
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--Produce a couple of multi-day gaps DELETE FROM #orderdates WHERE OrderDate IN ('1/4/2007','2/17/2007') AND CustomerID%3 = 0
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Monitoring and Optimizing System Performance and Reliability example c#
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' VB AddHandler Button1.Click, AddressOf ClickHandler // C# Button1.Click += ClickHandler;
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SQL Server 2005 installed. A copy of the AdventureWorks sample database installed in the instance.
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All you need to do to expose this information using the performance counter mechanism is create a new performance counter category (using the PerformanceCounterCategory class), create the performance counters that you want to belong to this category (using the CounterCreationDataCollection and CounterCreationData classes), and then update the performance counters whenever necessary (using the PerformanceCounter class).
Disk Cleanup could help the user recover considerable disk space and would be a good place to start. If Disk Cleanup does not recover enough space to allow the user to work comfortably, you can then move on to other solutions (such as removing unnecessary programs).
Before You Begin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 302
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Using the above query, database developers can isolate specific statements that are causing performance issues, as well as gain insight into how the various statements are distributed among SQLOS memory nodes and schedulers. Once a database developer learns about how SQL Server is processing his queries and utilizing resources, he might want to consider creating a system configuration strategy that can be used to deploy his application. Part of the system configuration strategy is to understand how evenly the load on the system is distributed. SQLOS can report on the distribution state of the current system workload and what type of load factor each scheduler is experiencing. This is done via the sys.dm_os_schedulers DMV. The following code can be used to query SQLOS to determine the distribution of current tasks and their associated workload:
Value in conflict_type Column 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
7. On the HTTP Caching page, as shown in Figure 6-10, you can configure the settings listed in Table 6-7.
These IP addresses are associated with the FQDN
1. Which of the following code examples will advance the value of a progress bar named ProgressBar1 by 10 (Choose all that apply.) A.
Spam, Viruses, and Compliance
For more information and detailed instructions on configuring replication with database mirroring, search for Replication and Database Mirroring in Books Online or access en-us/library/ms151799(d=ide).aspx.
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