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The Coho Vineyard network consists of a single Active Directory domain named Within this domain, each winery has its own organizational unit (OU). Due to internal politics, the resources within each OU do not trust resources in any other organizational unit. Therefore, authenticating to the domain is not always sufficient to gain access to resources.
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You could use the proxy to call such a service in a number of ways. First, you could use the ChannelFactory class to create a proxy dynamically, as shown here. (In this section, the code that differs among the three methods of using a proxy is shown in bold.)
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Lesson 1 Review
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To create a WSE server, create a standard Web service, and then add a reference to WSE by following the instructions provided in the section titled How to Add WSE to a Project in Visual Studio .NET. Then recompile your Web service. The following is an example of an ASP.NET Web service class generated by using Visual Studio .NET. This class uses WSE and leverages WS-Security to simulate return ing an employee s phone number given the employee s ID. Notice the code itself con tains no references to WSE and does not inherit from a WSE class. However, when the assembly is compiled, the additional functionality will be available.
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Table 16-1
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FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read);
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You perform the following tasks:
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dtutil.exe / FILE c:\IntegrateCRM.dtsx / COPY SQL;IntegrateCRM
Synchronizing Content
Public Class DemoSoapFilter Inherits SoapFilter Public Overrides Function ProcessMessage( _
The header must contain an <Action> element. The value of the <Action> element must be set to 2004/04/security/trust/RST/SCT. Router
Get-CASMailbox Identity "Don Hall" | Format-List
Subnet Example Subnet Address
Objects are stored in a custom data store. You generally should not uti lize this option.
Real World
Correct Answers: C A. Incorrect: The Dsget command retrieves information about a particular object s properties. It cannot be used to generate a list of users in a particular OU. B. Incorrect: Not only is this command formatted incorrectly, with the query appearing after instead of before the command to modify profiles, but also the Dsget command retrieves information about a particular object s properties. It cannot be used to generate a list of users in a particular OU. C. Correct: The first part using Dsquery provides a list of all users in the Employees OU. The second part using Dsmod updates the user account information with the new profile address. D. Incorrect: This command is formatted incorrectly. The query retrieving the user object information must occur prior to the command used to modify user object profiles.
OrdersGrid.DataSource = NorthwindDataset.Tables("Orders")
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CustomersTable.Columns.Add("PostalCode", Type.GetType("System.String"));
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