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' VB <ServiceBehavior(InstanceContextMode:=InstanceContextMode.Single, _ AddressFilterMode:=AddressFilterMode.Any, _ ValidateMustUnderstand:=False)> _ Public class RouterService Implements IRouter // C# [ServiceBehavior(InstanceContextMode=InstanceContextMode.Single, AddressFilterMode=AddressFilterMode.Any, ValidateMustUnderstand=false)] public class RouterService : IRouter
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Managing Hardware Profiles
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you specify whether Windows should wait for a dial tone before dialing numbers. Users in some locations might find that their modem does not recognize the dial tone used in that area, or users might need to dial the phone manually.
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A small office user with three employees has just purchased a new computer running Windows XP and has set up a network using a four-port hub. She connected her three existing computers running Windows 98 and her new computer running Windows XP, and then she used the Network Setup Wizard on the computer running Windows XP to create the network. She reports that she made no other changes. After sharing a few folders, she reports that everyone on the network can view and make changes to her shared files. She wants the users on her network to be able to view the files only, not edit or change them. What should you tell the user to do (Select all that apply.) A. Disable Simple File Sharing.
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11: Lesson Review Answers
Lesson 4: Tracing and Monitoring SSAS Instances
Questions and Answers
Appendix B
Real World
("Data Source=.\\sqlexpress;Initial Catalog=Northwind;Integrated
Practice: Performing a Backup and Restore
Configuring Connections and Connecting to Data
performing integration tasks with these mechanisms does not require any interaction with taskbar-specific APIs. If your application has a well-defined file type, your application s installer should register this file type to associate it with your application. This association is recorded in the Windows registry, under the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT registry hive. Even if your application is not the primary handler for the file type (for example, Microsoft Visual Studio can open XML documents, but it s not necessarily the primary handler for .xml files), you should still associate it with file types that it can open.
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