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Guidelines for Installing ISA Server, Standard Edition
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Objective 5.3
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query log by setting the QueryLog properties.
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thing about We hard-coded those settings in there. If there s a setting for it, I want it configurable because redeploying has been a major problem in the past.
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Description Contains the collection of strings that are displayed in the DomainUpDown control. Indicates whether the Text of the control can be altered by the user. Gets or sets the text of the control.
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5. Cancel to exit the Schedule Jobs dialog box and close the Backup Utility. 6. Open the command prompt. 7. Click the window menu (the icon of the command prompt in the upper-left corner of the command prompt window) and, from the Edit menu, choose Paste. The Ntbackup command with all of its switches is pasted into the command prompt. Press Enter. The backup job is executed.
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Lesson 3: Supporting User Objects and Accounts pdf417 free
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A few new XML elements were added to the original XML listing, such as templateInfo, propertyStore, and a big searchConnectorDescriptionList element. Here are the details of some of these elements: The templateInfo element, an optional container element, lets the author specify the folder type to control the available views and file arrangements when they are viewed in Windows Explorer. This element has no attributes and only one mandatory child that defines the folderType a GUID representation of this folder type that can be documents, videos, pictures, images, or any of the special folder types. The searchConnectorDescriptionList element contains one or more search connectors that map to physical locations included in this library. Each search connector is represented by a searchConnectorDescription element. The searchConnectorDescription element contains a simpleLocation element that describes one location included in the library. The url element defines a URL for this location. This URL is provided only for human readability and should not be used by developers. Developers should use the serialized element to retrieve the real folder location. This value can be a regular file:// URL (as defined in RFC 1738 at The serialized element contains a base64 encoded ShellLink that points to the location defined by the url element. The Windows Shell automatically creates the ShellLink from the value of the url element. If you take a closer look at one of the default libraries, such as Pictures, you ll notice that the Pictures library definition file is a bit more complex and contains a few more elements. The iconReference element defines an icon resource using the standard Windows resource style for example, <iconReference> C:\Windows\system32\imageres.dll,-65 </iconReference>. This icon presents the library in Windows Explorer. Some of you might wonder what does the 65 number represent. Well, this is the standard syntax for accessing resources in a compiled binary resource file. A resource file can be a .dll file or embedded in executable. In both cases this index number points to the relevant resource elements in the list of resources. Resources enumeration starts from the number zero and grows in a sequential way up to the total number of resource elements. The minus sign represent the relevant offset of the resource file.
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Property InitialLeaseTime
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The following question is intended to reinforce key information presented in this les son. If you are unable to answer this question, review the lesson materials and try the question again. You can find answer to the question in the Questions and Answers section at the end of this chapter. Lost files can be recovered in a number of ways, including using Microsoft Office Application Recovery, AutoRecover, Open and Repair, and more. To demonstrate your familiarity with these options and others, match the situation on the left with the best file recovery method on the right.
Lesson 1: Using Culture Information
You can use SCCM 2007 to group clients into sites. SCCM sites group clients into manageable units with similar requirements for feature sets, bandwidth, connectivity, language, and security. SCCM 2007 sites can match your AD DS sites or be totally independent of them. Clients can move between sites or be managed from remote locations such as home offices. Clients communicate with site systems hosting site system roles. Site systems communicate with the site server and with the site database. If there are multiple sites connected in a hierarchy, the sites communicate with their parent, child, or, sometimes, grandchild sites. SCCM 2007 uses boundaries to determine when clients and site systems are in the site and outside the site. Boundaries can be IP subnets, IP address ranges, IPv6 prefixes, and AD DS sites. Two sites should never share the same boundaries. When SCCM 2007 features within the same site communicate with each other, they use either server message block (SMB), Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), or Hypertext Protocol Secure (HTTPS), depending on various site configuration choices you make. Because all these communications are unmanaged, it is a good idea to make sure these site elements have fast communication channels. SCCM 2007 Task Sequence Editor SCCM 2007 uses task sequences in a similar way to MDT 2010, and you can export and import task sequences between the tools. The SCCM 2007 Task Sequence Editor creates and modifies task sequences that are organized into groups of task sequence steps. Depending on whether the Install An Existing Image package or the Build A Reference Operating System Image package is selected in the New Task Sequence Wizard, the task sequence contains a set of baseline task sequence groups and steps. If the Create A New Custom Task Sequence is selected in the New Task Sequence Wizard, an empty task sequence is created. The Task Sequence Editor displays the task sequence groups and steps in the tree view on the left side of the editor window in a manner similar to the MDT 2010 Task Sequence Editor. When you select a task sequence group or step, its properties are displayed next to the tree view with tabs that you can select to configure settings. Task sequence groups and steps can be nested within other task sequence groups. Task sequence steps are grouped into general, disk, user state, images, drivers, and settings. General SCCM task sequence steps include the following: Run Command Line This task sequence step can run any command line. The task sequence action can be run in a standard operating system or Windows PE. Install Software This task sequence step specifies an SCCM 2007 package and program to install as part of the task sequence. The installation will begin immediately without waiting for a policy polling interval. The Install Software task sequence step runs only in a standard operating system such as Windows 7 and will not run in Windows PE. Install Software Updates This task sequence step installs software updates on a target computer. When this task sequence step runs, the target computer is evaluated for applicable software updates. In particular, the step installs only software updates that are targeted to collections of which the computer is currently a member. The Install
To successfully master the exam objectives presented in this chapter, complete the following practice tasks:
If the version of the Framework that the application was built on is present, that version will be used by the application. If the version of the Framework that the application was built on isn t present and nothing is specified in the supportedRuntime version tag, the application will run under the latest version of the Framework that is available on the machine. So it would run under .NET Framework 2.0 if that was the only version present, even if the application was built under the 1.x versions. If the version of the Framework that the application was built on isn t present but the configuration file specifies a supportedRuntime tag, the .NET Framework will use the specified runtime version although the specified version must be present on the computer.
TextEncoding TransactionFlow
The correct answers are c, d, and f.
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