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Click Next to display the Select Maintenance Tasks page, which enables you to select the check boxes for one or more maintenance tasks to perform, as shown in Figure 14-10. Table 14-1 lists the available maintenance tasks and their purposes.
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Clustering for Scalability
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5: Lesson Review Answers
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Increasing security by configuring the screen saver to require the user to log
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Objective 7.1
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B is correct. In this case, there is likely a problem with the partner Web site, in that it contains information that changes frequently yet the data is still being cached. This can happen if the Web pages do not contain TTL information. To ensure that this data is not cached, configure a cache rule for this Web site. A is incorrect; this option only configures ISA Server s response to expired content when the Internet Web server is not available. C and D will not change the caching behavior in this scenario.
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How Virtual Private Networking Is Implemented Using ISA Server 2004
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{ public int Value; // Allows implicit conversion from an integer. public static implicit operator TypeA(int arg) { TypeA res = new TypeA(); res.Value = arg; return res; } // Allows explicit conversion to an integer public static explicit operator int(TypeA arg) { return arg.Value; } // Provides string conversion (avoids boxing). public override string ToString() { return this.Value.ToString(); } }
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On the resulting New Job Schedule dialog box, shown in Figure 14-7, you specify the schedule name, type, frequency, and duration. You can define job schedules to run on a periodic basis such as daily, weekly, or monthly with a variety of options available
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Exercise 1: Experimenting with the Default Permission Set
What were you trying to do when the error occurred
Now, you can register this class with the Location API as the callback implementation of ILocationEvents. To do so, you need to call the ILocation::RegisterForReport method. This method expects three input parameters: a pointer to the ILocationEvents implementation you just created; a report type ID, which is a GUID that represents the desired location report (either a Civic Address or Lat-Long report); and the last parameter, which is a requested report interval that specifies the desired elapsed time, in milliseconds, between event notifications for the specified report type. Here is a code snippet illustrating this registration process:
Supporting Network Connectivity
Objective 2.4
See Also
Correct Answers: C, D, and E A. Incorrect: Rule DELTA means that Rule ONE will not be enforced. No rule overrides Rule DELTA. B. Incorrect: Although Rule BETA does deal with POP3 and SMTP traffic as well, it applies to the Existentialists and Nihilists user sets. Rule TWO applies to the Pragmatics user set and hence will be enforced, because no other prior rule deals with POP3 and SMTP traffic for this particular user set. C. Correct: Rule DELTA means that Rule ONE will not be enforced. D. Correct: Enterprise Rule GAMMA denies telnet at the enterprise level, meaning that Rule THREE is not necessary insofar as there is no need to deny access to the Pragmatics and Philosophers user set because they could not access the protocol anyway. E. Correct: Enterprise Rule GAMMA denies telnet at the enterprise level, meaning that Rule EPSILON, applied after array-level rules, will never be enforced.
Lesson Review
Table 10-10
Figure 2-1
FileStream sigFile = new FileStream(args[1], FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read); BinaryReader sigReader = new BinaryReader(sigFile); byte[] signature = sigReader.ReadBytes((int)sigFile.Length); if (signer.VerifyData(data, new SHA1CryptoServiceProvider(), signature)) { Console.WriteLine( Signature verified. ); } else { Console.WriteLine( Signature NOT verified. ); } sigReader.Close(); sigFile.Close(); reader.Close(); file.Close(); } } }
Troubleshooting Internet Explorer and Group Policy Issues
End Class
This section introduces you to Windows PowerShell so that you can become familiar with this important administrative tool. You are not expected to create Windows PowerShell scripts on the 70-640 exam; however, you should be able to recognize cmdlets used for basic Active Directory tasks such as those described in this training kit. If you want to learn to administer using Windows PowerShell, refer to Windows PowerShell Scripting Guide by Ed Wilson (Microsoft Press, 2008).
B. Incorrect: This will display all Information and Warning events from the Appli
errors, including the following:
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