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GUID Display Name Folder Type Default Path CSIDL Equivalent
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Name NoRootDirectory Ram Removable Unknown
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Part of the planning process for ISA Server 2004 deployment is performing an analysis of the pre-existing network environment. This analysis should cover several broad areas: existing network infrastructure and usage patterns, the caching and firewall requirements that implementing ISA Server 2004 will address, and the way that existing clients will integrate with the new security infrastructure. The first step in gaining an accurate picture of how the current network infrastructure functions is to generate a baseline of the current network traffic. A baseline is a snapshot of the network that describes typical usage over a period of time. Generating a baseline will provide you information about which applications are running on the internal network, what protocols these applications use, and what access to external locations is required. Also important is gaining an understanding of how the organization s current virtual private network (VPN) setup works. The answers to the questions What type of VPN connections exist to branch offices and What sort of VPN access to remote clients is required will affect your eventual ISA Server 2004 deployment. Next, you need to get an understanding of the expectations that exist for ISA Server 2004 in terms of its use as a proxy and as a firewall. You need to determine what requirements exist for both forward and reverse proxies on the network. You also have to determine the firewall requirements of the network. The primary factor that will influence the configuration of the firewall is which protocols and applications need access to the perimeter network (also known as a demilitarized zone, or DMZ, and a screened subnet) and external networks through the firewall.
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To restart printing a document
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and objects, you can drop a user from the database without affecting the name of an object or affecting applications. Permissions are granted on securables to principals. The principals available in SQL Server 2005 have already been discussed: logins, database users, roles, certificates, and asymmetric keys. In addition to having one or more owners, a schema is a secur able object that enables you to group multiple objects into a schema and then grant permissions to a principal to the schema. By granting permissions to the schema, the principal gains permissions to all objects owned by the schema. Schema design falls into two categories: naming and security. You could simply create all your objects in the default schema, dbo, but you would lose the ability to apply grouping and higher-level security structures. Most databases have natural boundaries for the data they contain. For example, the AdventureWorks database contains objects related to products, manufacturing pro cesses, employees, and customer orders. Within the AdventureWorks database, multi ple schemas were created, such as Person, Sales, HumanResources, Production, and Purchasing. These names enable a DBA to group database objects into functional areas within the business. The most powerful capability of schemas is to manage permissions. Users with the authority to read data related to employees can be granted permissions in two ways. You can grant select permissions to each object within the HumanResources schema or you can issue a single GRANT statement on the HumanResources schema. Although the ability to manage SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE permis sions is interesting, schemas provide more powerful security assignments. How would you grant a user the authority to manage objects only in the HumanResources schema without allowing the user to also grant permissions to another principal Members of the db_ddladmin and db_creator roles would have the authority to cre ate, alter, or delete objects in the HumanResources schema. However, members of those roles can also create, alter, and delete objects in any schema within the database, providing elevated permissions. By granting the CONTROL permission on the HumanResources schema, a user would have the authority to create, alter, and delete objects in the HumanResources schema, but could not create, alter, or delete objects in any other schema within the database. The CONTROL permission also grants the authority to assign permissions to another principal. Granting the ALTER permission on the HumanResources schema would allow the principal to create, alter, and delete any object in the HumanResources schema while not conferring permissions to any
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Understanding DNS in Windows Server 2003 Networks
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Site-to-Site VPN Configuration Components
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Returns current low-level I/O, locking, latching, and access method activity for each partition of a table or index in the database
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To start the service, select Start. To stop the service, select Stop. To interrupt the service, select Pause. To continue a service after it has been paused, select Resume. To stop and then automatically restart the service, select Restart.
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For details about all the practice test options available, see the How to Use the Practice Tests section in this book s Introduction.
In the following case scenario, you will apply what you ve learned about types. You can find answers to these questions in the Answers section at the end of this book.
How can you implement the foreign key You want it to check the area code only against the Test.AreaCodes table, not the entire phone number. You do this by implementing a computed column that returns only the area code portion of the phone number. The following script creates the new version of the Test.Contacts, including the added foreign key constraint table:
1. Correct Answers: C and D A. Incorrect. The DataColumn in the DataTable is not the correct way to access individual values in a DataView. B. Incorrect. The associated DataTable object s DataRow is not the correct way to access individual columns in a DataView. C. Correct. Through the indexer of a DataRowView object is the correct way to access an individual column value in a DataView. D. Correct. The DataView uses the DataTable as its data source, so the col umns are the same. 2. Correct Answer: B A. Incorrect. The Find method does not return an individual DataRow. B. Correct. The Find method returns the index of the found row in the DataView. C. Incorrect. The Find method does not return an individual DataRowView. D. Incorrect. The Find method does not return a collection of DataRow objects. 3. Correct Answer: C A. Incorrect. Calling the GetChildRows method of the DataView is not the cor rect way to access related records in a DataView. B. Incorrect. Calling the CreateChildView method of the DataView is not the correct way to access related records in a DataView. C. Correct. The correct way to access related records using a DataView is to call the CreateChildView method of the DataRowView. D. Incorrect. Calling the GetParentRow method of the DataView is not the cor rect way to access related records in a DataView.
Table 8-3
Security credentials are handled differently for requests that pass through a WSE router. To allow for this, you need to use WSE to add the credentials. You can ver ify the security between the client and the router and then optionally between the router and the Web service. If you add security using an X.509 certificate, you need to create a custom policy assertion using either code in a class file or an XML-based policy file. For messages passed between the client and the router, the serviceActor attribute must be set with a value other than an empty string. Messages passed between the router and the Web service must also set the clientActor to a value other than the empty string. In addition to the X.509 certificate, you can implement security using either UsernameToken, UsernameOverTransport, or AnonymousOverX509. Verifying the security credentials for an X.509 certificate is done by including an <x509> element in your router s Web.config file.
1. Correct Answer: A A. Correct: If you have access to a test server, you can perform load testing against that server and learn how the database application workload will affect CPU utilization. B. Incorrect: Information about processing speed might help you estimate CPU utilization, but a test server is a much more accurate source of this information. C. Incorrect: Information about the execution time of database transactions might help you estimate CPU utilization, but a test server is a much more accurate source of this information. D. Incorrect: Interviews with the database designer might be one step toward estimating CPU utilization in the absence of a test server, but using a test server is the best way to calculate this information. 2. Correct Answer: D A. Incorrect: 64-bit processors offer the advantage of support for up to 1 ter abyte of RAM. B. Incorrect: 64-bit processors perform generally perform calculations faster than 32-bit processors. C. Incorrect: A 64-bit system allows up to 64 processors on a single system, whereas 32-bit systems allow only 32. D. Correct: 64-bit versions of Windows do not include the full range of sup port for hardware devices available in their 32-bit counterparts. 3. Correct Answer: B A. Incorrect: The /3GB switch restricts kernel mode usage to 1 GB, which would enable SQL Server to take advantage of a maximum of 3 GB of memory.
Securing Authentication with Policy
The basic parameters are summarized in Table 3-4.
You can find detailed procedures for creating each type of trust at http://technet2.microsoft.com /WindowsServer/en/library/f82e82fc-0700-4278-a166-4b8ab47b36db1033.mspx.
Upgrade Considerations
Cache\Data Map Hits % Cache\Fast Reads/sec Cache\Lazy Write Pages/sec Logical Disk\% Free Space Memory\Available Bytes Memory\ Pool Nonpaged Allocs Memory\ Pool Nonpaged Bytes Memory\ Pool Paged Allocs Memory\ Pool Paged Bytes Processor(_Total)\% Processor Time System\Context Switches/sec System\Processor Queue Length Processor(_Total)\Interrupts/sec
Correct Answers: C A. Incorrect: The Properties dialog box of a network connection is used to config ure the clients and protocols associated with the connection not the network adapter. B. Incorrect: There is no Networking tab on the System Properties dialog box. C. Correct: Device Manager lists the hardware devices on a computer, identifies the working status of each device, lets you to configure settings for the device, and enables you to identify and work with device drivers. D. Incorrect: The Services utility lets you view and configure all program services installed on Windows. Services does not let you configure hardware devices.
6. 7. 8.
Lesson 2: Making Sure It s Ready to Run
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