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Objective 5.3
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In these practice exercises, you will delete the previous log shipping configuration and create a new configuration that uses a monitor server.
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Choosing an ISA Server Client
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To apply these properties to an application domain, create and configure an AppDomainSetup object, and pass it (along with an Evidence object) to the AppDomain .CreateDomain method. The following code sample demonstrates this process:
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Performing a system state backup automatically forces the backup type to Copy, although the interface may not indicate that fact. Take that fact into consideration when planning whether to include other items in your backup selection.
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Dim mark As Trustee = New Trustee("Mark")
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Troubleshooting Lab and Summary
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You can create a customized user profile to provide a planned, preconfigured desktop and software environment. This is helpful to achieve the following:
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Correct Answer: B
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1. Correct Answers: A and B A. Correct: An HTTP endpoint allows only one type of payload: SOAP. B. Correct: An HTTP endpoint supports either HTTP traffic (specified by the CLEAR option) or HTTPS traffic (specified by the SSL option). C. Incorrect: An HTTP endpoint allows only the SOAP payload. A TCP endpoint supports the TSQL payload. D. Incorrect: An HTTP endpoint supports Windows authentication or certification-based authentication. 2. Correct Answers: B and D A. Incorrect: Mixed Mode allows both Windows accounts and SQL Server logins to be used. SQL Server logins do not require authentication to the domain. B. Correct: The Windows login option forces all logins to be Windows logins. C. Incorrect: This option communicates over HTTP and does not encrypt the data. D. Correct: This option will create encrypted communications between the client and the endpoint by using HTTPS.
Users running Windows XP Professional must be members of the Administrators or Power Users groups to install a printer. You can configure multiple logical printers for a single printer to control how the printer is used in different circumstances or by different users. You can also create a printer pool to configure multiple printers for a single logical printer.
The Eviewer.mof file, installed in the WMI Tools directory along with WMI Event Viewer, contains the classes and instances required to declare and register the WMI Event Viewer Consumer Provider with the WMI event subsystem. This MOF file is compiled automatically when the Windows Management Service is first started, so that the WMI Event Viewer consumer is registered as a permanent event consumer by default. All permanent event consumers, including WMI Event Viewer, require specific distributed component object model (DCOM) permissions to start automatically on a remote computer for a registered event. To set the DCOM launch permissions for WMI Event Viewer so you can monitor events on a remote computer, carry out the following procedure: 1. Run the Dcomcnfg.exe program from an elevated command prompt on the remote computer. 2. On the Applications tab of the Distributed COM Configuration Properties dialog box, select WMI Event Viewer, as shown in Figure 13-38, and click Properties.
This policy specifies the minimum amount of time a user must keep a password before he or she is able to change it. This policy specifies the minimum number of characters
Note To learn more about user profiles, read Microsoft Knowledge Base articles 314478 and 294887.
The .NET Framework threw a System.UnauthorizedAccessException because the user, StandardUser, did not have access to create new files within the C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\ folder.
Description This counter tracks the total number of chan nels registered across all application domains for a particular application. This counter tracks the total number of proxies created in a particular process. This counter tracks the current number of context-bound classes that are loaded. This counter tracks the current number of context-bound objects allocated per second. This counter tracks the current number of con texts in a particular application.
New NetworkCredential (username, password)
Note To completely defragment a volume, the volume must have at least 15 percent free space. This space is used to stage files as they are defragmented. If the volume contains numerous fragmented large files, the amount of free space required for effective defragmen tation will be larger. If the volume contains less then 15 percent free space, then the volume will be only partially defragmented.
figURE 3-9 The Path page in the New Deployment Share Wizard
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