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The icons that are used for each connection provide visual clues for the type and status of the connection. These visual clues include the following:
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The subkey CurrentControlSet\Control contains values that control how Windows XP starts. It defines the components to load and their configurations. The following list describes many of the interesting subkeys of Control: BackupRestore. This subkey contains subkeys that specify the files and registry keys the Windows XP won't back up or restore. You learn about this subkey in 3, "Backing Up the Registry." Class. This subkey stores configuration data for classes of hardware devices. CrashControl. This subkey contains values that specify what happens when Windows XP locks, fails, or terminates abnormally. CriticalDeviceDatabase. This subkey contains the critical device database, which you learn about in 13, "Cloning Disks with Sysprep." It contains configuration data for new devices that Windows XP must install and start before the components that the operating system normally installs are started. FileSystem. This subkey contains file system configurations. GraphicsDriver. This subkey contains DirectX and graphics drivers settings. GroupOrderList. This subkey contains the order in which Windows XP loads services in a service group when the operating system starts. hivelist. This subkey defines the locations of hive files that are loaded in the registry. You learned about this subkey in 1, "Learning the Basics." IDConfigDB. This subkey contains settings that identify the current hardware configuration for Windows XP. Lsa. This subkey contains configuration data for the Local Security Authority (LSA). Network. This subkey contains network settings. NetworkProvider. This subkey contains network provider settings. Print. This subkey contains printer settings that apply to all users. PriorityControl. This subkey specifies the relative priority of foreground applications to background applications. SafeBoot. This subkey contains data about the computer's safe mode settings. See 3, "Backing Up the Registry," to learn about boot options. SecurePipeServers. This subkey contains the winreg subkey, which controls remote access to the registry. See 7, "Managing Registry Security," to learn how to use this subkey to secure remote access to the registry. ServiceGroupOrder. This subkey contains a list of all service groups in the order in which Windows XP loaded them. ServiceProvider. This subkey contains data about the installed service providers. SessionManager. This subkey contains Session Manager data. Update. This subkey contains configuration data for System Policy. 6, "Using Registry Based Policy," describes how to use this subkey. VirtualDeviceDrivers. This subkey contains data for virtual device drivers. Windows. This subkey contains data for the Win32 subsystem. WOW. This subkey contains settings that control MS DOS based applications and applications created for 16 bit versions of Windows.
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Make sure you understand how TRY. . .CATCH blocks handle errors, as well as how XACT_ABORT behaves within a TRY. . .CATCH block.
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What Has Been Detected What You Need To Do Widespread or exceptionally maliRemove this software immediately. cious programs for example, viruses, Trojan horses, or worms that affect your privacy and the security of your computer and could damage your computer. Programs that potentially collect per- Remove this software immediately. sonal information and affect your privacy or damage your computer for example, by changing settings without your knowledge or consent. Programs that potentially affect your privacy or make changes to your computer that could affect your computing experience for example, by collecting personal information or by changing settings. Software that might collect information about you or your computer or change how your computer works but is operating in agreement with licensing terms displayed when you installed the software. Review the alert details to see why the software was detected. If you do not like the way that the software operates or if you do not recognize and trust the publisher, consider blocking or removing the software. This software is typically benign when it runs on your computer, unless it was installed without your knowledge. If you are unsure whether to allow it, review the alert details or check to see if you recognize and trust the publisher of the software.
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Me.Font.GetHeight(e.Graphics) While Counter < MyLines And ArrayCounter <= strings.Length 1 CurrentLine = strings(ArrayCounter) YPosition = TopMargin + Counter * Me.Font.GetHeight(e.Graphics) e.Graphics.DrawString(CurrentLine, Me.Font, Brushes.Black, _ LeftMargin, YPosition, New StringFormat()) Counter += 1 ArrayCounter += 1 End While
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You can publish calendars to shared folders or to websites. When a calendar is published, the publisher determines whether the calendar will be automatically updated when alterations are made. The publisher can also determine whether tasks, reminders, and notes are also shared. It is not possible to password protect a published calendar. It is possible to subscribe to a shared calendar that is published on an accessible shared folder or website. When configuring a subscription, you specify how often the subscription will check for updates and whether the subscription will include downloading notes, reminders, and tasks. An imported calendar is different from a subscription because it does not update. When you import a calendar, you can merge it with an existing calendar or create a new calendar.
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After you have identified the site license server for a site, you can view the licensing information on that server, opening Licensing from the Administrative Tools program group. The Server Browser tab in Licensing (as shown in Figure 9-12) enables you to manage licensing for an entire site or enterprise.
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5. 6.
Which of the following applications can be used to open files with the .avi extension
download. In addition, the Server Manager installation provides all dependencies and required component installations as well. Also, if no remote database is indicated during installation, Server Manager will automatically install Windows Internal Database.
Lab: Designing an Architecture for a Distributed Application
Depending on the performance, development cost, and maintainability requirements of your project, you should be able to pick a suitable data access method among DataReaders, DataSets, and Typed DataSets. By leveraging the data access method, you can add business logic in the appropriate way in your components.
Following is a list of company personnel interviewed and their statements:
One of your users wants you to install Windows XP Professional on his workstation. Currently, the workstation is running Windows 98. The user wants to continue having Windows 98 running on the computer because he often must test the software he develops on that system. The user s computer is configured with the following hardware:
Figure 2-3
CLASS MACHINE CATEGORY "Disk Quotas" KEYNAME "Software\Policies\MS\DiskQuota" POLICY "Enable disk quotas" EXPLAIN "Enables and disables disk quotas management." VALUENAME "Enable" VALUEON NUMERIC 1 VALUEOFF NUMERIC 0 END POLICY END CATEGORY
An application typically has a number of components that are internal to the applica tion. This means that the components are only visible and accessible by other compo nents in the same application. The PrivateComponentAttribute allows you to mark a component as internal. The fol lowing code sample shows how this is done:
result = del.BeginInvoke(342, callback, del)
Table 1-3
Figure 3-14: Applying an answer file to an offline-mounted image Using Answer Files with Windows Images The ability to associate an Unattend.xml answer file to an image provides a powerful tool to implement and configure image deployment, and to determine actions that can be taken if deployment fails or after deployment succeeds. As discussed in 2, an answer file is an Extensible Markup Language (XML) file that contains setting definitions and values to use during Windows Setup. You specify Setup options in an answer file, including how to partition disks, the location of the Windows image to install, the product key to apply, and other custom Windows Setup settings. You can also
Figure 4-14: A resource conflict To stop a non-PnP device, perform the following procedure: Open Device Manager. On the View menu, choose Show Hidden Devices. Double-click Non-Plug and Play Drivers, right-click the device you want to stop, and choose Properties. 4. On the Driver tab shown in Figure 4-15, click Stop and then click OK. 1. 2. 3.
Explain the seven layers of HTTP endpoint security. Secure an HTTP endpoint.
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