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The Thread class supports the setting or getting of the priority of a thread using the ThreadPriority enumeration. The ThreadPriority enumeration consists of the values detailed in Table 7-6.
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' VB System.Media.SystemSounds.Beep.Play() // C# System.Media.SystemSounds.Beep.Play();
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Practice 1: Use the Windows Server 2003 Performance Tools.
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Controls are components that combine a graphical interface with pre-designed func tionality. Controls are reusable units of code that are designed to fulfill particular tasks. For example, the TextBox control is designed to display text and receive textual input from the user, and it contains properties, methods, and events that facilitate these tasks. All controls inherit from the base class Control and, as such, share a variety of proper ties relating to size, location, and other general aspects of controls. Table 2-1 describes some of the common properties of controls.
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Installing and Configuring the Firewall Client
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Replication Monitor is a graphical tool that allows you to monitor and troubleshoot Active Directory replication. This feature is essential in monitoring and trou bleshooting DNS zone transfers for Active Directory integrated zones. Replication Monitor displays the Active Directory partitions installed on each server in the tool s console tree. Domain controllers that are DNS servers and that host a single Active Directory integrated zone include a replica of five such parti tions by default. To find out which Active Directory partition is used to store data for a particular DNS zone, you can either check the DNS zone properties in the DNS console or use the Dnscmd /zoneinfo command. Once you know the directory partition in which DNS zone information is stored, you can force replication for that zone in Replication Monitor. This procedure helps resolve name resolution problems caused by outdated zone data. DNS errors in Active Directory integrated zones can result from faulty zone repli cation. You can use Replication Monitor to search the domain for such replication errors. System Monitor is a tool located in the Performance console tree that allows you to select any of hundreds of system-related measurements for real-time monitor ing. The DNS performance object in System Monitor includes 62 counters.
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Figure 10-17
Analyzing a directory structure means identifying the current domain model in use on the network and how resources are allocated among those domains. If Active Directory is already running, you will also identify the current boundaries of the forest and the placement of OUs and domain controllers.
The Help And Support Center also includes a tool that shows effective Group Policy settings for the current user. If you are troubleshooting policy settings for a user from a remote location, you can have the user use this tool to export the information to a file. The user can then e-mail the file to you or to an administrator. To access the Group Policy tool, follow these steps: 1. From the Start menu, select Help And Support. 2. In the right pane of the Help And Support Center window, select Use Tools To View Your Computer Information And Diagnose Problems. 3. In the left pane, from the Tools list, select Advanced System Information. 4. In the right pane, select View Group Policy Settings Applied.
Lesson 1: Validating Data and Permissions
Exercise 2: Plan the Recovery
Take a Practice Test
3. When prompted, enter the appropriate user account and password, and then click OK. 4. If another user is currently logged on to the remote system, a Logon Message dialog box appears, indicating that in order to continue, that user must be logged off and any unsaved data will be lost. If this occurs, click Yes to continue. 5. The Remote Desktop session is established. Figure 18-17 displays a remote connection window.
As advised in the Real World sidebar earlier in this lesson, this is not as complicated as it looks if you take the process a step at a time. Figure 5-29 shows this command running from the Command Console.
Get Return Me._authenticationType End Get End Property Public ReadOnly Property FirstName() As String Get Return Me._firstName End Get End Property Public ReadOnly Property LastName() As String Get Return Me._lastName End Get End Property Public ReadOnly Property Address() As String Get Return Me._address End Get End Property Public ReadOnly Property City() As String Get Return Me._city End Get End Property Public ReadOnly Property State() As String Get Return Me._state End Get End Property Public ReadOnly Property Zip() As String Get Return Me._zip End Get End Property End Class // C# class CustomIdentity : IIdentity { // Implement private variables for standard properties private bool isAuthenticated; private string name, authenticationType; // Implement private variables for custom properties private string firstName, lastName, address, city, state, zip;
With an automatic printer switch, the switch monitors incoming signals for documents to be printed, manages the print queue, and ensures that documents get printed in the order they were received. In this exercise, you will make a printer available to all of the computers connected to your home network.
You should also look at the System log to see if the spooler has registered any error events, and, in the Printers And Faxes Folder, make sure that the printer is not in Offline mode. Attempt to print a job from an application on the print server. If you can print to the printer from the print server, the problem is not with the printer. If you cannot print to the printer from an application on the print server, create a new printer directed at the same port and attempt to print to the new printer. If that job succeeds, there is a prob lem in the configuration of the original logical printer. If that job is unsuccessful, there is a problem communicating with the printer, or with the hardware itself.
This lesson presents a procedural guide that you can use to troubleshoot DHCP fail ures. As with most such guides, you should modify the order of recommended trou bleshooting procedures to suit the needs of your particular situation. The following pages nonetheless provide a schematic overview that will help you to organize DHCP troubleshooting in the future.
Creating an Endpoint by Using a Configuration File
Lesson 1: Reading and Writing XML with the XmlReader and XmlWriter Classes
In controls where the SelectionMode property is set to MultiSimple or MultiExtended, you can return all of the selected indexes by using the SelectedIndices property, as shown in the following example:
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