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You will need a special user account if you choose to install the NDES service. Create a domain account and make it a member of the local IIS_IUSRS group on each server that will host this service. For example, you could name this account NDESService. Client computers, ideally running Windows Vista, to request and obtain certificates.
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You must consider how you will support certificate enrollment. You must consider how you will renew certificates. You must create a certificate practice statement (CPS).
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For more information about performing page restores, consult the following MSDN article:
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//C# static private MessageQueue GetQueue(string path) {
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Lesson 2: Deploying SSIS Packages
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SQL Server 2005 Services
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Active Directory Certificate Services and Public Key Infrastructures
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Lesson 2
Outside the development environment, you can execute a package in one of two primary ways: by programmatically using the SSIS object model or by using command-line tools (including SQL Server Agent). Using the SSIS object model, you can load and execute packages programmatically inside an application. You can find the methods to execute a package programmatically in the two different classes within the Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime namespace:
Improving Database Application Performance
Designing a DNS namespace begins with understanding your current Active Direc tory environment. First, consider designing the Active Directory structure and then support that design with a DNS structure. It is critical that diagrams, maps, and well-written documentation be part of the design process. One of the most important aspects of your DNS design is securing the DNS components to reduce the risk of threats to your infrastructure. Footprinting, denial-of-service attacks, and polluting the DNS cache are some examples of the possible threats to your DNS infrastructure.
Queue Length A performance counter that measures the number of instructions that are waiting to be processed by an object such as the Processor or Physical Disk. If the Queue Length is greater than 2 or 3 for an extended period of time, it is a reflection that the system s resources are not sufficient for the demands being placed on that system.
Introducing Windows 7 for Developers One of the choices available in the New Web Project Type drop-down list is ASP.NET Web Application Project. This project type builds a template project containing everything you need to create an ASP.NET application that delivers your Silverlight content. Or you can choose the ASP.NET Web site item, which is a lighter application that simply contains the HTML required to deliver a Silverlight application. An ASP.NET Web Application differs from a Web site in that it contains everything that Visual Studio needs to compile ASP.NET code into the binaries that can run on an ASP.NET server, as opposed to just flat HTML and JS files that are served up by a Web site. For the rest of this chapter, you ll be using the ASP.NET Web Application Project type. After you ve selected this option, you ll see that Visual Studio creates two projects for you: the Silverlight project (FirstTouch) and the ASP.NET Web Application project (FirstTouch.Web). You can see the project layout in Solution Explorer, as shown here.
Figure 8-9: Advanced permissions Clicking Caching on the Advanced Sharing dialog box allows you to access the Offline Settings dialog box, as shown in Figure 8-10. Offline settings determine whether programs and files hosted on the shared folder are available when the user, or the computer hosting them, is not available to the network. You will learn more about offline settings in 11, "BitLocker and Mobility Options."
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Expand the Forest and Domains containers. Then expand the container representing your domain and select Group Policy Objects. Right-click the Baseline GPO you created earlier and, from the context menu, select Edit. The Group Policy Management Editor window appears. Expand the Computer Configuration, Policies, Windows Settings, Security Settings, and Local Policies containers and select Audit Policy. Double-click Audit Account Logon Events. The Audit Account Logon Events Properties sheet appears. Select the Define These Policy Settings check box. The Audit These Attempts check boxes are activated. Clear the Success check box and select the Failure check box. Then click OK. Open the Audit Account Management Properties sheet. Select the Define These Policy Settings check box, and then select both the Success and Failure check boxes and click OK. Leave Group Policy Management Editor open for the next exercise.
Table 4-2 Non-Roaming-Enabled Isolated Storage Store Locations
4. In the Designer, double-click the View XML button to open the btnViewXml_Click event handler. 5. Add the following code to this method:
ANSI and Unicode Encoding
Correct Answers: A A. Correct: This is the proper process for disabling Windows Firewall. Note that dis abling Windows Firewall greatly reduces security, and should only be done when alternatively security countermeasures are implemented. B. Incorrect: This procedure returns Windows Firewall to the default settings, but does not disable Windows Firewall. C. Incorrect: This procedure disables all Windows Firewall exceptions, but does not disable Windows Firewall. D. Incorrect: This procedure disables all Windows Firewall exceptions, but does not disable Windows Firewall.
Lesson 2: Configuring Log Shipping Options
Lesson 2 Review
B. Rooslan should edit the properties of the folder that hosts the undergraduate
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