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Overview Portable computers bring unique challenges to IT departments that these workers do not face with more traditional desktop computer deployments. One of these challenges is ensuring that a person using a portable computer is able to use the computer for a maximum amount of time when she is not able to connect to a power outlet. Another challenge is ensuring that a user is able to access important files even when she is unable to connect to the network. A third challenge is ensuring that no one outside the organization is able to recover confidential data on a misplaced or stolen portable computer. In this chapter, you learn about several technologies that assist you in addressing these challenges. BitLocker and BitLocker To Go provide full volume data encryption that protects data if the computer or storage device hosting it is stolen or lost. The Offline Files feature enables you to access data hosted on shared folders when a computer cannot connect to the shared folder host server's network. Windows 7 power plans allow you to balance system performance with battery life, allowing you to increase performance when energy consumption is less important and to switch over to preserving battery charge when you need to use a portable computer away from a power supply for an extended amount of time. Exam objectives in this chapter: Configure BitLocker and BitLocker To Go. Configure mobility options. Lessons in this chapter: Lesson 1: Managing BitLocker Lesson 2: Windows 7 Mobility Before You Begin To complete the exercises in the practices in this chapter, you need to have done the following: Installed the Windows 7 operating system on a stand-alone client PC named Canberra, as described in 1, "Install, Migrate, or Upgrade to Windows 7." Make sure you have access to a small removable USB storage device. This device should not host any data. Note that a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip is not required for the practice exercise at the end of this lesson.
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Publishing Your Web Service
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Take a Practice Test
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In this lab, you will create an ASP.NET Web application that meets the authentication and authorization requirements of a fictitious organization. Read the scenario and then complete the exercise that follows. If you are unable to answer a question, review the lessons and try the question again. You can find answers to the questions in the Questions and Answers section at the end of this chapter.
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Troubleshooting Group Policy
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Estimated lesson time: 40 minutes
Case Scenario 1: Ensuring Fault Tolerance
Estimated lesson time: 15 minutes
Install Terminal Server to support multiuser applications Deploy the Remote Desktop Connection client Configure and manage remote desktop sessions Troubleshoot Terminal Server
You have been hired as a consultant by Lucerne Publishing to assist with the deploy ment of remote access services for company employees. For each of the following, explain how you would configure the required remote access feature. 1. Lucerne Publishing wants to provide special dial-up access for 10 employees. These 10 employees should be authenticated only by verifying that the phone numbers from which they are calling are in fact these employees home phone numbers. The employees should not need to type in a user name and password. How can you implement this configuration
Before taking the exam, review the key points and terms that are presented in this chapter. You need to know this information.
Figure 10-25: Incoming connection configured Auditing Remote Connections If you configure Windows 7 to support incoming VPN or dial-up connections, you may want to audit those connections. Auditing incoming connections provides you with a record of which users have connected to the client running Windows 7 remotely. If you are using basic auditing, you should enable the Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Audit Policy\Audit Logon Events policy. This policy records all attempts to log on and off the computer to which the policy applies. If you enable the Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\ Security Options\Audit: Force Audit Policy Subcategory Settings policy, you can use the more detailed auditing policies that are available in the Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\ Security Settings\Advanced Audit Policy Configuration\System Audit Policies\Logon\Logoff
Add Na ve Bayes and Decision Trees models to the structure you just created; you can read about the ALTER MINING STRUCTURE (DMX) command in SQL Server 2008 Books Online (see References). Use Bike Buyer as the predictable attribute. Enable drillthrough for the Decision Trees model. Your code should look like the following. (Note that in SSMS, you can execute only a single statement at a time.)
Application Compatibility Manager
If the queried name does not find a matched answer at its preferred server either from its cache or zone information the query process continues in a manner depen dent on the DNS server configuration. In the default configuration, the DNS server performs recursion to resolve the name. In general, recursion in DNS refers to the process of a DNS server querying other DNS servers on behalf of an original querying client. This process, in effect, turns the original DNS server into a DNS client. If recursion is disabled on the DNS server, the client performs iterative queries by using root hint referrals from the DNS server. Iteration refers to the process of a DNS client making repeated queries to different DNS servers.
What areas affect the quality of the video stream
Replication in Active Directory
1. Which type of index physically orders the rows in a table A. Unique index B. Clustered index C. Nonclustered index D. Foreign key 2. Which index option causes SQL Server to create an index with empty space on the leaf level of the index A. PAD_INDEX B. FILLFACTOR C. MAXDOP D. IGNORE_DUP_KEY
Manipulate subnet masks to configure a supernetted address space Configure variable-length subnet masks to meet network requirements for subnets of
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